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  1. Ok i have the P.M. mod and am trying to figure it out is there like a tutorial for it? If so where? If not how would i go about plotting a course for other bodies like say Mün or Minmus? I'd like the answer as simple as possible because though I'm smart I'm no rocket scientist, if possible please.
  2. @Snark ok I'll keep that in mind. And thanks for your help and clarifying, I'm fairly smart but this IS rocket science so I feel pretty dumb
  3. @Snark I was intending to use this thread as a general question board for if/ when I can't find the answer, though I will perform the change. And from what I understand from your first paragraph is that I should balance my CoM between front and back then add CoL just aft of that. Or have I read and understood what you said wrong? And thank you to everyone who take the time to respond to my questions, which admittedly probably could have been solved by just some adjustments.
  4. I have the latest update of k.s.p. and i'm building various space planes that would work in real life and no matter whether i have an s.a.s. unit on the vehicle and turned on or not my plane ends up doing a back flip and nose dives into the ground. is there something i'm doing wrong? is it the version? or does k.s.p. just hate space planes? can anyone help me please? just to be clear it's during take off i get wheels up and maybe two hundred feet up then it flips and nose dives.
  5. i have a problem of running out of Material kits before i get a build 1/16 of the way done and i have over 5000 of them and what i build requires only 389.44. What am i doing wrong? please help
  6. no problem not everyone thinks that way just thought i'd let you know of that to ensure users don't get confused in the future
  7. The Quick description makes it sound like you're hunting corpses not celestial bodies, kinda funny but might want to change that
  8. I understand the reasoning behind the delay and thank you kindly for taking the time to reply to one not so tech savvy as myself. keep up the good work and as our lord Scott Manley sayeth Fly Safe
  9. Quick question if i upload a mod to tinker from a previous version like 1.0.5 and it hasn't been updated by the creator on any site and i'm running 1.1.3 will it update it or will it be useless for lack of a better word?
  10. Would You Kindly update this for 1.1.3? the sty;es are amazing but i can't use them