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  1. Brilliant, thanks! I'd have never spotted anything like that. I'll give it try during the week.
  2. Output Log after reloading and coming back to it. FYI, the "door" to the Ground Assembly Line open up in the VAB too, with no button to close them. Just noticed that the update was for 1.4.5, but I'm using 1.5.1. Would this likely be the issue? The DIY kits all seemed to work fine as I deployed them (even built the Ground Assembly Line using a DIY box and Material Kits). Relatively clean install. Just used the Constellation pack from USI, plus KIS/KAS. Also have KJR, KER, PartCommander, PreciseNode and AGExt.
  3. @allista Great stuff, really love it! Been trying out the Ground Assembly Line, and the "doors" are permanently open. There's no button in the interface to close them, and the Workshop window keeps telling me to close the Assembly Space. Am I missing anything? Screenshot of my setup. Thanks
  4. I've just been sending surface modules to Duna today and one ship had no problem going down to 25km with 1x6 solar panels extended. Got a bit toasty, but they survived. Aero braking saved me 300m/s ish of a 400m/s DV to lower the orbit, so well worth doing without too much risk
  5. Stelcella is on a Bus route to pick up Bob and Tancan from their mission to Ike. I hope she knows where she's going!
  6. Closer look at the image I posted above. Fuel Depot & ISRU station in orbit around Duna
  7. Space is big and lonely so far from home. This is my Duna ISRU and Fuel Depot. The red glow is from PlanetShine (from Duna), and you can make out Kerbin & Mun on the right, then Eve, Moho just above-left of the sun, and Eeloo (I think) between the Ship and Moho: from the Distant Object Enhancement Mod.
  8. So i found a work around for this and my Kerbals are on there way home. I went into the persistent save file (backed up of course!) and edited the crew out of the Glitchy Gilly Pad base, and made them available back at KSC. I then reconstructed the base in the SPH, and re-crewed launched, refunded the cost through the Alt-F12 menu, Terminated the glitchy Base, HyperEdited the new base to Gilly and landed it. I did have small glitch which i think may have caused the instability. I used the KAS winch and harpoons to secure the return ship to gilly (seemed lime a fun idea). As i tried playing around with them, the game crashed (different this time), i got back to it, and tried detaching the winches and harpoons and stashing them in a KIS Kontainer on the base and the game no longer crashed (one harpoon spontaneously exploded at one point before i could pick it up from the floor). So seemed to be caused by attaching the ship to Gilly with a harpoon. But sorted now, and the crew are en route to Kerbin again! What a story they can tell!
  9. Hi everyone (newbie post here). I've played KSP for over a year now, and had no major technical issues apart from the "normal" ones that everyone goes through from time to time. I'm in a career save, 3 years in, with probes, ships, bases and stations all over the place. But recently, I've run into one major problem with one base I have on the surface of Gilly (called Gilly Pad). It launched and flew as a collection of parts for assembly in orbit around Gilly (with help from KIS/KAS), then landed, together with a return ship for the crew that refuelled on Gilly via connected KIS pipes & pylons. It sat there quite happily for a good number of load ups, with various activities happening there over time, until all was done, and just a matter of sitting out until the transfer window to go home. What happens now however (seems to be after the 1.1.3 update - but not sure), is that as soon as I go to load it from the Tracking Station, it appears on screen, with ambient sounds and drill animation, then there's an EVA 'airlock' type of sounds, and I get a hard crash to the desktop, with the following error message: I don't think there's ever time for the game to create an error log, but I've attached the most recent one I could find (though I think it may be from a Revert to Launch/VAB memory crash). I do use a good number of mods, all of which are as up to date as I can find. The Gilly Pad base utilises KIS/KAS, and Infernal Robotics, but several of my bases do, and they all load up perfectly well. Here's a OneDrive link to that error log anyway I tried an alternate approach, which was to use another nearby probe to slowly fly towards it. I managed to get close enough that the craft was visible and physics had obviously loaded (FPS drop!) at about 2km. But as I got within 200-300 metres, the same hard crash as above happened. Does anyone have any idea what's going on here? I'd really like to try and resolve it, as I've worked quite hard building and planning such as mission, and the Transfer window home is approaching. If no one knows what's going on, is there a way to 'edit' the crew out? As I'm happy to then HyperEdit a copy of the base back there to complete the mission? (can I edit the funds back in too? as if the error never happened?). Anyway, here's the mod list I use (all up to date as far as I can tell, only Toolbar are Planetshine apparently are 'officially' incompatible according to miniAVC, but they work fine at all times): and my system info: If you need any further information, just let me know, and I'll do my best to help you help me Thanks for your time Jack