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  1. Thanks, but I have other mods I'd like to apply this too so I want to figure this out Christ, I don't know if I'm just retarded or if there is something legitimately wrong with my, but when I attempt these steps I just end up with windows and a 255a white background. I know this is a pain but could you please provide a slightly more detailed step by step from the start? Sorry to be such a bother
  2. The plugin I used has an adjustment with a transparency slider that ranges from -100 to 100 with 0 being default. I noticed that when I used the colour picker tool on your images the alpha is set to 1 in all the white space, but when I use my technique it just seems to be scaling down the original opacities so when I set it to -98 or something some of the image is at 0 while others are at like 6. Do you remember the place you found your alpha removing plugin? might be easier if I just used the same as you. as for the layering I cant seem to get that to work either, whenever I merge down it doesnt seem to change anything?
  3. Tried adding reflections to one of the AirplanePlus cockpits and I'm running into this problem. The textures and reflection look fine when I'm zoomed right in but when I zoom out it fades to black. I THINK I did everything right in but obviously not. I opened the .dds, used the magic wand to select all the window segments, inverted the selection, used the transparency adjustment installed by BoltBaits transparency.dll to lower the transparency, then saved the new image using the settings in the OP. Just to clarify this has nothing to do with the part itself, I had the exact same result when I tried it on the stock Mk1 Inline cockpit. Any help is appreciated :V
  4. Hi there, Is there a way to make the individual segments smaller? I keep running into the problem that most of my payloads are larger than 1 segment but too small for 2. I also cant even imagine a payload that would require 10 segments at the current size. I tried messing with the configs but all I got was a mess of overlapping segments :V Cheers!
  5. Wait it should? That's never happened on one of my craft before. And now that I think about it doesn't that kind of defeat the purpose of reserve power batteries? My understanding was that if I do accidentally run my main batteries flat I would always have that reserve power to transfer and give back control. If it just automatically uses the up the power in the reserve then whats the difference between having a reserve verses a normal battery... My apologies if I've misunderstood the point of this mod, I will try and provide a log file later tonight.
  6. You are an absolute champion! Thank you so much
  7. Those are different suits. It only has the scientist one, the other two that I want aren't included in that pack.
  8. Does anyone know of/ can create an alternate download link? I really like the look of these but the link is broken.