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  1. On radial set, you have LB - RB to control the time speed.
  2. This happened to me twice. Xbox / radial Preset https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XgEAO_TxPkk When entering a new name to a quick save (here : ok sat) : camera don’t work anymore, Start menu don’t work. Quit the game to the main menu of KSP don't do nothing. Quit the game and restart the game from the xbox one dashboard fix the bug.
  3. you just have tu push Y (on Xbox) to open the radial menu and choose the time control : after that, you can easily warp with R1 and L1 Once you used to do that, time controlled is even faster than in the cursor menu
  4. - https://youtu.be/1qVetTh-G4o Radial Preset. Just after leaving the VAB, Button "A" stop to work. All the others buttons are ok. Quit the game to the main menu of KSP don't do nothing. Quit the game and restart the game from the xbox one dashboard fix the bug.
  5. Here are 3 more bugs that happened to me in my 3 hours session. Xbox one. Radial Preset. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n70K3YlroEg This happen immediatly after leaving the VAB. My camera can't move at all, B don't engage the SAS,all the others button don' do nothing, "Start" don' work anymore. Only the cursor work. At 41sec, when you see the menu appear it's not because i push the start button, it's because i push the xbox guide on my controller ! That made appear the KSP menu and... it fix the bug ! (as you can see at 50sec, i can engage SAS without the cursor by pusshing b
  6. Maybe i’m wrong as i ‘ve never use a quickload in the space so far. But, while in game , press Enter and choose save. With X you can edit the name of your save. Then load the save with the name you put it on. This works when your are in KSP space center. This doesn’t work in space ?
  7. - When i decided to quit the game :i pushed the Xbox bouton on my crontroller and i quit the game (via the quit button of the dashboard) to return to the dashboard (i saved my game before doing that). Then, i have just relaunch the game and try to load a save. - When i said "Restart the console" it's for shutting down the xbox One. That does nothing and i still had the same visual bug. I had to reboot my console (hard reset + unplug it ) to fix the bug. That does clear the cache i think. Yes, but sadly when I go into the tracking station, exit the tracking station, and go to t
  8. - The video does not necessarily show savegame corruption I know, but as it occured to me when i was loading a save and the game can't be played anymore, i call it "save corrupted" - Did you happen to suspend the console while the game was loading? Nop, i quit the game. Return to the dashboard of the xbox et relaunch the game few seconds after - If you reload the game, you may find that savegame works perfectly well. This would be important info for us to know about your problem. In my original post, i told you that " Restart the console doesn’t do anything, you hav
  9. I used the radial preset. I don’t remember if my cursor was on or off, sorry. I’m sorry but with my first bug (the save corrupted video on youtube) i spend a lot of time to capture and upload it on youtube just so you have a video to look for. Again, today, when i had a new bug, i have tried to explain as well as i can (https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/169704-seriouly-have-you-debug-the-enhanced-edition/) Finally, i copy past a post on reddit with others bugs, so that you have it all in one post. And sorry, but i think i can be snarky with all the time i spend r
  10. Here is another post i made in the tech support. I would have prefer waiting for another 6 months than playing this version :
  11. So, just after playing for 4 hours yesterday on xbox (first day of release) i can’t really count all the bug i had. I seriously doubt that your team have debug this game. - Save corrupted when entering the tracking station : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9BlmXVgcvtI Restart the console doesn’t do anything, you have to reboot it to be able to play again. ON PS4 too : - Juts happened to me : i entered the tracking station to see a survey target. Returning to the launch pad, i was unable to launch my rocket (all the button didn’t work and the camera didn’t move to
  12. Actually, my bad, I remember that I have started a career mode in the previous game. In fact, I put the money at + 200% or + 300% to never have a problem with it and only deal with the proposed contracts and science. That's what i called in my mind a science mod with contract Sorry for the post !
  13. It's so sad. Now, you have to begin a carreer mode to have missions : the Mission Control is not active in Science mode A quick question for career players: Can money really become a problem? I would be mad at not being able to continue my expeditions because I exploded too much spacecraft !
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