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  1. @CobaltWolf Because you have to install them manually. The nexus mod manager is much faster and more practical.
  2. I really love the nexuss mod manager, and it surprisingly supports KSP. http://www.nexusmods.com/kerbalspaceprogram/? But if you click the link there are only 5 files. And I wonder why.
  3. @Veeltch That's why I said optional, because some people think a lore/story is meaningless. I disagree. But you presented a good idea as well; " What I would like to do is focus on certain actions and be able to happily continue them. For example going aircraft atmospheric exploration. You do that and get more atmospheric parts, or you decide to have a completely plane-free rocketry research program, or both, or even SSTOs and still have fun by doing what you want to do. " I think the only problem with that is that you quickly run out of science to get in the atmosphere and there aren't enough easter eggs or interesting things to see on the planet.
  4. I agree... got me thinking why there isn't a steam workshop integration... but that's off-topic
  5. In the real solar system most planets have names originating from mostly the greek and roman mythology. The Kerbol system has some jokes I really like, and as to the planet is eatable. But I think a Kerbal mythology and some optional objectives or story line would do this game good. I think it's easy do-able from a mechanic perspective, but the actual story would not be so simple. What about we ask the players for help about coming up with a good story? Of course I think it should be optional to choose from when playing, and it's purpose is to give players of KSP not such a hard time with coming up with a objective in the game. It's really weird that objectives are such a big part of many games, and ksp doesn't have any! (apart from career mode ofcourse, which is quite satisfying I admit).
  6. I imagine generating other solar systems will be too unrealistic or too slow to go to. I agree that mods are very use ful, but I think it would not beat generating another Kerbol system and starting over discovering them all. I see that almost everyone has different opinions about this... must be hard for Squad
  7. @DrLicor It may be interesting to know why the planets can't be procedurally generated. But thanks for the mods, it certainly helps. It think it's how you 'orbit' a planet in space engineers. just fly up. Then I guess I will have to install a lot of mods... Me too, I would like to see that. The scatterer isn't really immersive, no tree line, no grass, the same rocks...
  8. I suggest or would (very much) like to see procedurally generated planets. So that the player is able to keep exploring endlessly on different planets in/with different positions (orbits). My second suggestion is to add adequate objects such as (moving) volcanoes and cryovolcanoes. I really like the easter eggs, but this will be a more frequent special features of a planet or moon. I would like to know how/if this is do-able in KSP, and what does the community think about this? (have I spelled everything correctly? ) Apart from that: A lot of real life planets have unique features that make them special such as Tritons young surface and Titans cryovolcanoes. Some moons even have a very thin atmosphere and/or retrograde orbit. That is what I like about space, and I think Kerbal Space Program has this too but at smaller scale. Yet I love it.
  9. Very informative responses! These quotes gives a little summary, and where the most awesome reactions? I agree with a lot of it, so I changed my opinion...
  10. Hi KSP! I wanted to say that the aerodynamics are quite advanced, very beautifully and awesomely made! but I can't support it none the less. for two reasons: 1. "Monoplanes produce more lift than for example triplanes, having less wing bodies. that is because triplanes have wings that are so close together that their aerodynamics mix (don't have enough space)" (That is what they thought me on school) So the problem here is: In Kerbal Space Program you can cheat by putting wing(s) in each other and producing more lift, for example. You see that often in large or unrealistic crafts. If this isn't the case anymore (in 1.2) I will be very happy! And I wonder if I ask something very complicated. But for me it ruined my motivation to make aircrafts in KSP. 2. There are no proceduraly generated wings, if not using mods. This limits imagination and options drastically. PS. I really love KSP! I want to thank everyone very much for making such an awesome game!! PPS. You could check the "Gabe Flags" I made ...
  11. If anyone knows how to just upload a zip with al of them... but it's only gabe anywway
  12. I was waiting for the pre-release to be playable, so why not love up al my KSP flags? I put Gaben in a lot of them, I had a lot of fun! I'm not trying to shame the mod community with such a horrible little mod. So maybe it isn't made for the "add-on release" section... Anyway, I put it for download. It is made for people who love or hate Gaben, pray every night, and cut themselfes for more steam sales and CS:GO knifes. (or not) uuuhh... nevermind. Just download it if you like! Just 3 examples. for the whole gallery go to: http://postimg.org/gallery/19moo948q/
  13. Anyone thought about that youtuber "Danny24..."? He certainly helps discovering glitches, and worshipping the kraken.
  14. works on KSP 1.1.3 ? KSP should already have this, same with the fuel tanks. So, many thanks to the creators of this!
  15. Very helpful, in-depth, simple, great! I will be using this in the future, thanks!
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