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    Wannabe Astronaut. I want to be a Pilot of course
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    In a Jet, breaking sound barrier
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    Flying planes, space exploration, mars ,moon other planets. I also want to be a commander or a pilot for my job.

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  1. What I was hoping to do or find, is a simple mod where you can select a delta v map / subway chart in game. The idea is to attach it to the top left of the screen with all the other tool tips/tabs ex, https://imgur.com/a/KbkFU5F . You simply press that tab that says DV and it pops up with a delta v map / subway map where you can put on your screen, so that you wouldn't have to alt-tab or use another device to see the subway chart. The Subway chart I want to use is this https://imgur.com/W9o5WMz . This is a very simple idea but I think it could be very useful and easy to make. The only experience I have in coding is simple html and simple python, but Im hoping this wouldn't be so much of a coding thing.
  2. Oh It's not a contract at all. It's a school project I'm doing based off of KSP. I mean 6 real life days. I should've added that in.
  3. So..... I need to make a decent base on duna. In 6 days. I'm a slow ksp player, so that's a hard goal for me. Can anyone give me suggestions or help? Like designing ideas.
  4. I've never heard of those mods but they look really cool so thanks for showing me. Also I have like 10 mods in my list of mods and none of them are updated yet ;(. So you're lucky
  5. Ok thanks for letting me know, also thanks for repling so fast
  6. So I saw on curse that mods were compatable with 1.2 prerelease, Does that also mean regular 1.2 ? Also I tried installing planetary base systems, and in the loading screen I saw that the game had it in its system but I started a new game and it was'nt there, did I do something wrong or what?
  7. So I bought a cool flightstick and I want a mod that Has a good IVA interior for 1.2. Or if a new IVA mod is coming out i would like to know. Please respond ASAP
  8. Why, what does kerbalism do? But i do have Planetary Base Systems and i have built a pretty cool rover
  9. So I am going to hopefully recreate The martian in KSP and I need some good mods that will make My "Movie" more fun to make and/or build. Thanks
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