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  1. Hello everyone, I got a problem with the mod. I just started a new run with the latest KSP Version and used an older release of the mod. I started a probe with the telescope on it but when I tried to open it, nothing happened. Then I installed the latest version of the mod, started the old save-file where i put the probe in space and now there isn't even the option to open the telescope. I think I installed everything correctly (not new to using mods) but can't figure out my mistake. The save is in carreer mode. I use a lot of other mods, non of them ever conflicted to this mod. Does anyone have the same issue or know a way to help me?
  2. Ok that fixed it for me. Thank you very much. I don't know why it wasn't installed correcty. There was the .dll but in an smaller version. Thanks again.
  3. Installed the latest dev-build from today and still got the same problem. I uploaded the log of my latest crash today (had nothing to do with TAC as far as i can see) and my safefile (with a lot of mods on). Here is the Link https://www.dropbox.com/s/qhzrk5g25yadfii/output_log.txt?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/88afk6fz1rquvj3/persistent.sfs?dl=0 Here is a Sceenshot of this save with the described problem. https://www.dropbox.com/s/w43joatunddbd72/20170812113453_1.gif?dl=0 This occurs in old games as well as in newly started ones. I tried with backgroundprocessing switched on and off - no difference. There is no resource-usage of the LS-resources and no updating to the monitor as well. Thanks for any help, I love the mod and really appreciate your work to maintain it.
  4. Sry, latest dev build is installed but a ton of other mods too, so I assume a log wouldn't be helpful. It was more a question to all users if this occured to them too and if they found a solution. (conflict with other mod, missing mod...)
  5. Ok, i have a specification for my problem above. The monitoring is not updating itself so it shows for every resoruce 0 from the start and ticking down into minus forever, even when the ship has landed. And the LS-resources arent used as well. Any help there for this?
  6. Hey, I have now updated to 13.4dev but now I got the problem that there is no usage of the LS-ressources at all and the monitoring shows somewhat like "minus a few years and hours". (for every ship the same) Background processing is uninstalled but a ton of other mods still is on so a log wouldn't help I guess? Does someone have the same issue or can someone give me a hint how to deal with it? Thx
  7. Thank you both very much. Got lost in 1.2 but now i'm happy to have my infernal robotics back Delete UnitySelectMonitor worked for me as well.
  8. Thanks for your help, i will try this tomorrow - until then i switch to 1.2 and enjoy all the brilliant new features that make this game even better
  9. Thank you, but both are not working. I tried the launch-options with adapter 0, 1 and 2 - no change. And unplugging the display, then starting kerbal, then replugging works as long as i dont shut ksp down and restart it, then it starts on the wrong display again and i'm playing quite a lot of ksp so unswitching every time is kind of annoying. I mean it works fine with the beta of 1.2, just since i switched back i got the problem... so when 1.2 is out the problem should be fixed... but still its a quite strange problem for now.
  10. Have the same Problem, still found no fix. Would like to hear if you find one.
  11. Hello, since today i have a strange issue with KSP. I subscribed to the 1.2 Beta and then later switched back to the 1.1.3-Version. Now, everytime i start KSP it opens at the wrong display (i have two). When i try to unset fullscreen it doesn't react. I have to force it with alt+enter to exit fullscreen-mode. Now the fullscreen-setting reacts but also fullscreens at the wrong display, regardless of where i place the window with fullscreen switched off. I changed nothing in the system, just switched to 1.2 beta and back and now this occurs. I'm using steam and started it there and with CKAN, same Problem. Every other game starts normal. Is there any known help? Thanks. I tried the launcher-settings, the start-settings of steam, switched which display is the main, i deleted and reinstalled the game and worked inb the config-sfc... nothing works. switching again to the beta the game opens at the right display, switching back to 1.1.3 its the same issue...
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