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  1. It was more so due to how the game is unrealistic. In real life satellites would constantly be compensating for slight imperfections in their orbits, allowing them to stay in relatively the same orbit with comparison to one and other. What happens now is I set up my satellite communication system, 5 or so satellites in orbit. And I got for an interplanetary travel. The next thing I know I lose connection cause the slight imperfections has caused blind spots to form in my initially perfect set up due to the satellites drifting together or whatever. Heck if I could run kOS on non-focused satelli
  2. This has to do specifically with orbits and them not stay where I damn well put them. Also this is more of a mod request thread then anything else. I propose a mod that does a few things, mainly to improve remote tech and the new satellite systems. But could also have uses outside that. It would work like so: 1. If an object has a extremely similar orbit to another object (what the mod considers 'similar' could be tweaked till it felt right) the moment that the object loses focus (you switch to another vessel outside of the render distance) the objects orbits get changed so that the
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