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  1. thanks... I knew I forgot something obvious.... I meant to write... local candidate1 is data:copy. //data is a list. local candidate2 is data:copy. the code is slighty changing data to test for improvement. and hill climbing to the best solution...
  2. I'm testing to improve a trajectory by small step and it's seems that this does not work for whatever reason and it's getting me crazy. local index is 0. local candidates is list(). until index =data:length { local candidate1 is data. //data is a list. local candidate2 is data. PRINT "new". PRINT candidate1[index]. PRINT step. PRINT candidate1[index] +step. //this works fine. set candidate1[index] to (candidate1[index]+step). //this doesn't work set candidate2[index] to (candidate2[index]-step). //this doesn't work PRINT candidate1[index]. //value has not change PRINT candidate2[index]. candidates:add(candidate1). candidates:add(candidate2). set index to index +1. } I'm posting here in desesperation. It's probably a syntax error but I don't understand why the set to doesn't work in this case....
  3. A vessel is a Orbitable so it has the element of this structure. That should be the same: PRINT (SHIP:ALTITIUDE - SHIP:GEOPOSITION:TERRAINHEIGHT). PRINT ALT:RADAR.
  4. Kos can take input from user but not replace it. Krpc is what you need i think. There is no option i know of to trigger precision control but you can tweak the pid parameters of the steeringmanager (see the docs) to achieve what i think you want to do...
  5. If the return is serializable, you can also write it as a json file. Create a function like that inside your program to call. function lookforpath(){ log "" to "1:/templookforpath". deletepath("1:/templookforpath"). runpath("My Programm"). set MyReturn to readjson(1:/templookforpath). return MyReturn. } And add a : writejson(<whatever variable is your path>,"1:/templookforpath"). at the end of the program that create the path I have not tested this particular code and wrote it in notepad, so expect a mistake or two but the principle works (I used it to handle persistance of variables trough reboot).
  6. I guess acc is for acceleration. You probably need a accelerometer for the script to work.
  7. @kcs123 The 1:/ volume always correspond to the volume on which the cpu is running. (As the 0:/ is always the archive) Only the 2:/ (or higher) volume can be different from a CPU to another. New file will be created at TOPATH, along with any parent directories if necessary. Its contents will be set to the contents of the file pointed to by FROMPATH.
  8. I think everything has already been said, but I will add a few tips anyways: - Start with scripts that are linear and and handle small tasks.Then go on until you feel frustrated and want bigger problems. Object oriented kind of coding (like Java) should come second. - Never assume you have mastered something. There is always a angle from which you have not look your code ( security, performance ...) - VBA is underrated and being able to produce macros for excel is a powerfull competence if you work in a desk environment. - not a place to actually learn to code. but you find challenge to gradually test your skills in a manner that will keep you interested and motivated...
  9. Nasa has put some 3D models (over the years it seems) on github. Does anyone has used it in their mod ? Is the conversion easy/even possible into unity 3D models ?
  10. Tag me in your thread, I have thought about that a bit, but I'm way too lazy to start it.. (It took me two years just to sign up to the forum)...
  11. This is not an issue for me, I want to be able to unlock the tech tree before leaving the Kerbin system...
  12. That could be a new forum's game thread : Mars Cluedo. The "murderer" has killed the "victim(s)" using "the weapon of choice" in "the location of the murder". Ex: Jeb has killed Bill with a KAS strut in the VAB. The pilot has killed everybody brutally venting the lifespace Module. Valentina has killed Jeb firing a septatron splashed down in the moutains...
  13. No, the energy to modify the trajectory will increase exponantionnaly as you approach the earth, becoming soon impossible to deviate with an ion thruster. You are going to precise as love at the very beginning and then you will have to use your thrust to try to correct your orbit to make sure you strike the right place at the right moment... or your 2 megatons will strike anywhere on earth. The negociation will be fun too... "Hey! We have a cease fire agreement" "Yes we do... but you are going to be strike next week anyway...."
  14. Are you from the NRA ? Giving people gun is the very first thing that can make people murderers.... I really don't see the point of using criminals when you will find over-competent, multi-skilled and very motivated contributors that are willingly going up there. This is not a colony to Australia or America where dozens will die during the trip because of diseases or starvation with no hope to ever see or communicate with the ones left behind and you will not need a large number of colonists to ensure your domination on the land you have conquered for your crown....