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  1. I've recently run into a series of errors when I try to launch my game. In CKAN I choose to install all the listed compatible mods (on the forum), and the first page of suggested additions to said mods (in CKAN), when I go to launch the game, it says: 1 error related to GameData/Kerbalism/Support/EPL.cfg 1 error related to GameData/Kerbalism/Support/JX2Antenna.cfg 4 errors related to GameData/Kerbalism/Support/OrbitalScience.cfg 1 error related to GameData/Kerbalism/Support/SoundingRockets.cfg And some others which are quite mushed together on-top of eachother. I have no idea what is causing this, or how to fix it. Does anyone know how I could diagnose the problem or does anyone have experience with this? Edit: I also unlocked the pressurized tank and other life support containers, but only the planetary base ones show up. Thank you in advance.