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  1. Hi, it's a long story but I am running the most recent version of KSP (although without the DLCs at present, I'd be interested to hear what your thoughts are, if any, on these, since I gather you're running a version from before these were released?). I've gone ahead and picked up a few, although not all, of the Near Future Tech mods, and I think I'll probably throw the rest in pretty soon to finish the set. Alongside this I've installed the stockalike station parts mod, and TAC-LS - that's been quite the learning curve, although I haven't lost anyone quite yet! I was wondering if you'v
  2. Hi All! I'm not sure if this really qualifies for this sub-forum, but considering my last attempts at posting here were (I think) around three years ago, and consisted of one actual content post, I feel like this is the right place for this. Historically, I have sunk a pretty significant number of hours into KSP, getting as far as Duna (although other than one ill-fated mission I've largely kept to Kerbin's SoI). A few years ago, I drifted away from the game, and haven't really played since 2017. With current events, however, I've found myself with a fair few spare hours on my hands
  3. Oatypea


    Thanks! Yes, I did mean 0.90...
  4. I've been looking through this topic for a while now, and I saw somewhere that someone was removing lines from their '.craft' files to allow subassemblies of the engines to be attached in mirror symmetry (the idea being to use two contra-rotating engines to cancel out rotation of the plane). Well, I know a little Python, and I knocked up a little code to remove all symmetry from a subassembly so you can do just that very thing! Works with Python 3. INSTRUCTIONS: Create a copy of the subassembly you wish to remove symmetry from for backup purposes - it's worked every time for me, b
  5. Oatypea


    A hugely imaginative topic name, I know. Well, I've been playing KSP now for... 2 years? 3? I'm not even sure (about 0.90)... I've been to the Mun, Minmus, and Duna (briefly and rather less gently than I'd have preferred) and, having spent the best part of a year looking at these forums I decided it was finally time to sign up and actually do something. So... here I am. Hello.
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