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  1. laser guided missiles arent tracking the laser from both targeting pods when in flight. the lock on indicater shows up when im stationary on the runway, but not in flight. this applies to the maverick and hellfire missiles. my other mods are collision fx, destruction fx and physics range extender.
  2. for 1.3, is it possible to update maneuver nodes? maybe bind a key to bring to manuever node you are editing, and have a button to change it in .1 m/s increments?
  3. i am trying fow a mun mission and i want to know how many(if any) srbs i need. i am using an online delta v calculator and want to know how to calculate with srbs. can anyone help?
  4. thanks. they arent spawned pointing exactly down the runway, though.
  5. (ok. sorry) granted, but you cant control it. i wish people wouldnt be jerks
  6. the runway is slightly off-centre from 90 degrees and there are a few bumps in the runway, both of which have ruined my takeoffs in the past. this applies to all 3 runway levels. is there any hance of fixing this? id post pictures but i dont know how.
  8. thanks. it goes straight to the games files or do i need to add it myself?
  9. nope. marcus a380(awesome plane by the way)
  10. granted, but peter piper put arsenic in the peck of pickled peppers. i wish for an fn herstal p90
  11. thank you. sorry for the noob question, but how do i go through the download?
  12. granted, but is upheld by a totalitarian regime. i wish for a p90.
  13. hello everyone! i just got the game and im really enjoying it.
  14. i want to download rasterprop but apparently it wont work with ckan. this is my first mod download; can somone help me?
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