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  1. Charlie3195

    BD Armory Targeting Pod Problems

    Hey! I got BDArmory v0.11.1.6, and my targeting pod worked, not even a HINT of purple. Thanks for all of your help!!!
  2. Charlie3195

    BD Armory Targeting Pod Problems

    so i am probably just being an idiot, but i can't find my issue on @bewing's link. Do you use spacedock? how can I fix my issue and where can I get BDA v0.11.1.6? I am using bd for ksp ver 1.2, not bd 1.2
  3. Charlie3195

    BD Armory Targeting Pod Problems

    Do you use BD edition 1.2? I thought that was the latest version, but I got it off spacedock. Is there a different site where i can get BD 1.2.1? I looked at @Streetwind 's post, but I couldn't find the BD post that you directed me to. Any more advice? Thnks
  4. Hey forum people! Information. 1. I use a Mac. 2. I use KSP ver:1.2. 3. I use BD Armory ver:1.2 So i am trying to use a targeting pod (I've tried both) but whenever I activate it, the screen where the view shows up is just a solid purple. I know I am doing it right because in the past KSP and BD Armory versions, it showed up with no hint of purple what so ever. I can't see anything in the targeting pod window, just solid purple. this is a screenshot of the targeting pod Sorry I had to use such a crappy template. Only look at the first part because all the rest is template. Please get back to me as soon as possible!