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  1. I’d also say engine 1 stayed lit all the way through the flip so fuel feed to 1 engine seems to have been fixed. Still convinced that adding the second engine demand is causing the issues
  2. I’m calling it early ish. another fuel pressure issue. no major hardware changes between 8 and 9 we shouldn’t really have expected anything else? Maybe the header tanks are capable of lighting only 1 engine because it seems like that initial engine lighting causes issues for the second one
  3. Reading your updates over the last 2 days I’m convinced your watching the wrong stream
  4. Petition (this might take done explaining) to give SN9 a new nickname. Fidget. after fidget the bat in Disney’s “Basil the great mouse detective” the one with the crippled wing & peg leg
  5. 3 hours before it happened... who are you and how can you predict the future?
  6. 39 engines already!!! Space X really pumping out those raptors by now.
  7. That worked a treat thank you HansAcker!! went into the persistant game file and changed the words "forcedheavy" on anything related to the craft and autostrut to "Off" and it has fixed it. Thanks again
  8. ok thats a great start thanks, when you say removing autostruts, do you mean turning them off in the crafts in the save file? come to think of it the only other craft ive had an issue with has been autostrutted too. this one was a shuttle type so was autostrutted initially too
  9. is anyone able to shed any light on this issue? even somewhere that I can start like removing certain mods or something?
  10. WOW! i thought i had it bad lol. this is 1.8.1 so not fixed if its a core game issue. I really cant be dealing with the hassle of adding and removing crafts when they bug out like this, its a lot of software updates lol
  11. anyone have any idea? it happens consistently on load of this vessel now - pretty much makes the game unplayable. I have a copy of what i think is the log here if it helps? https://www.dropbox.com/s/hyc7ugnjtval99c/KSP.log?dl=0
  12. Hi, Has anyone come across this before...? KSP by James Price, on Flickr (hopefully that link works) Its happened on a few of my vehicles on load up they appear fine and then when it sort of jumps into life (assuming when the physics load) they stagger like this, or a fuel tank will go off kilter or even worse an engine will which completely ruins missions. Any Ideas?
  13. can someone explain to me the whole thig with the worm logo? I know its not new so why has it come back? and where did it go? whats the idea behind using it now?
  14. That’s gonna look glorious falling off a stainless steel starship, on top of a stainless steel super heavy super heavy is still a excrements name by the way. it should at the very least have a birds name.
  15. Well today was an abject failure! Didn’t catch the fairings, throwing away the upper stage and dunking the first stage into the drink. Totally rubbish apart from completing the primary mission. lol it’s mad to even think about that never mind write it!
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