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  1. Wait, I’ve been assuming something that I think I need to be reigned in on. starhopper currently the tank with no nose that has hopped up once with 1 raptor is sat at bocca chica. Orbital hopper is being built simultaneously but I had assumed they were building another hopper like structure only bigger and with 3 raptors bolted up. Am I wrong? Mate they actually just going to bolt the new orbital hopper nose being built onto the original 1 engine hopper and throw 3 engines on there and send it up?
  2. Had a thought reference the white interstage. we all assume it’s made from the composite material that the F9 uses because they’re just F9 boosters after all. However, looking at pictures of the FH on the pad, the interstage is where two tie rods from each booster attach to the core. It isn’t a stretch to think that some of the changes to the F9 to become a FH core are a stronger interstage made from different materials to handle the loss from 2 boosters either side is it? So stronger materials than the composite are likely to be steel/Alu which are not black when unpainted so would ruin the look of the rocket and potentially its ability to deal with the heat on re-entry. So the same special paint is used to fix this issue. thoughts? I think im onto something
  3. Could easily be a stainless tube full of CF fuel tanks though? all that tweet confirms is it’s all going to be shiny
  4. I can confirm that now i have kerbalism working that i have the same problem as jebisdeadbaby with VSR installed (i do have multiple other mods however) - removing VSR fixes the issue
  5. https://www.dropbox.com/s/pecxq42e77j5v07/KSP.log?dl=0 try this one, This was a log directly from the save game if that’s any help? Inreally dont know whats what’s going on behind the scenes with this game
  6. I’m as sure as I went to the folder I run the game from and took it from there (version 1.6) It’s also the version ckan uses and I’ve instaled 76 mods that way the folder i run run the game from probably came from an old 1.3 save though? Maybe I need to delete the log?
  7. tried it - VSR doesn't make difference. can anyone help?
  8. HI, I'm having a similar problem, (resources beings shown but no planner) ill try it without VSR now to see if it makes a difference but I've attached the log as required. https://www.dropbox.com/s/7z9vbwcmzsxnwz4/output_log.txt?dl=0 so for a bit more info - i have no planner, when i click on a pd I have some of kerbalism stuff in the menu but a lot of the functionality doesnt work. I have no idea if im missing parts, i suspect i might but i dont know
  9. If DIVH is still in Vandy when iridium 8 launches does that mean another barge landing just offshore?
  10. Your logic has no place here! Lol looks much better from the other side. On a B5 booster the black and white scheme is gonna look mighty fine
  11. Is anyone else also really really irritated by the fact they obviously have 4 way symmetry on in the VAB to build the capsule but rotated it 45 degrees when they attached the trunk?! it looks like 3 way symmetry! Also so is it me or is that trunk a seriously off white colour?
  12. Can those silica tiles not be formed as 1 bit tile/heat shield to cover a specific area? Like say the bottom of a starship?
  13. Composite interstage is a little buggered - that won’t be reused
  14. The computer has to make the decision to ditch or not to ditch at some point though. untill halfway through that landing burn it was still essentially out of control doing its own little pirouette
  15. That looks like ksp with scatterer and EVE installed