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  1. I have been playing since 2016 with thousands of hours in Realism Overhaul. The stock game was too cartoony with the 9v and AA batteries on your probes and those cartoon textures. Once I got good at using Mechjeb for precise planning and maneuvers I never looked back. The most important thing for me is design tools. I need procedural parts, wings, with curves, straight lines and hard edges in a variety of geometries and offsets. Even the current iterations of procedural parts limit the NON-symetrical shapes to a minimum ie. Radial Boosters in the Real Tanks. The small number of goofy part
  2. Thanks Raidernick for the recent work updating these realistic mods. These have been rock solid for a long time and have given me a great appreciation for Russian contributions to space exploration. They are challenging to build and fly, but they work exactly they way they were supposed to.
  3. Please Delete if not useful. Missing command parts in VAB. Occurs in combination with the RO configuration. Amp Year(recently updated) seems to make most of the command modules disappear from the VAB. I have tried previous version 25th 2017?) and get the bug. Possible conflicts with Module Manager, Kopernicus, ...
  4. I found that Kerbal Inventory System seems to be the specific MOD that causes the crash on loading for me. CKAN is trying to load the 1.3 version of KIS, so there is the version problem there. I loaded the 1.4.4 version of KIS and it seems to work just fine. Hooray!
  5. The stockalike realfuels config is likely the problem with Redstone.

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