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  1. For one really don't care about I'm sorry and it wasn't our fault Boohoo. I'm done with the game I'm with this company. You have wasted my money and my time. You had every chance I could do this right but did you test the game before release obviously not did you quickly and efficiently fix the game no no you didn't. I've been playing game's from Atari till now I've been around and I've seen some blunders in the gaming world but this is one of the worst mess ups I've ever seen. And by far the longest fix I've seen. So to end this you obviously don't care about our right to buy a working product and obviously don't care about the value of our money. So thank you a lot of nothing.
  2. When will this fix be released. It's been 6 months or more that you sold me a broken game. Now I want answers not around about time frames. No man's sky took less time to fix there mistakes and they at least sold a working game.