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  1. Mgreen4442

    Old Version of KSP

    Ok. Thanks for all of the help.
  2. Mgreen4442

    Old Version of KSP

    So I cant download it even if I had bought it? I have bought it.
  3. Mgreen4442

    Old Version of KSP

    I have seen them, and .90 is not there. Thanks
  4. Mgreen4442

    Old Version of KSP

    I want to download older versions of KSP. I know about the thing in the betas menu in steam, but I want to go back to .90 or older. How could I do this? Thanks, Mgreen4442.
  5. Mgreen4442

    The earliest versions of Kerbal Space Program

    I found this and I wanted to download the older versions, and when I clicked a link, it brought me to What should I do?
  6. Mgreen4442

    Error With B9 Aerospace

    I was able to fix it. I reinstalled it 3 times and got it to work for a bit until I loaded a save. Then I tried CKAN 4 times and it finally worked. Thanks for the help.
  7. Versions 1.4.1, 1.4.2, 1.4.3 Windows 10 64bit Problem: KSP wont load up when I install B9 Aerospace, error: "B9PartSwitch has encountered a fatal error and ksp needs to close. No resource definition named 'Gypsum' could not be found The tank definitions have not been loaded yet (done after the game database load). This is likely caused by a earlier error of by ModuleManager being missing or out of date. Please see ksp's logs for more details" Mods installed: B9 Aerospace, B9 Animation modules, B9PartSwitch (the one giving me the error) BahaSp, Chaterer, ChopShop, CommunityCatergoryKit, CommunityRecorucePAce, Community Tech Tree, configurable continers, EVA transfer, Firespitter, JSI, KerbleFoundries, KIS KMO KSPWheel, MechJeb2, MKreb, openCockpit, Patch Manger, QuizTechAero, TacSelfDestruct, Taerobee, TakeCommand, ToadicusTools, TweakableEverything, Tweakscale, Umbra Space Indurstries, Vangard Technologies, Vaporvent, Workshop. (A lot of mods, they all work without b9) Module Manager 3.0.7 Reproduction steps: Just run the game and It will give you the error that I included as a image in the file. Log: