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  1. Okay so I was playing on my recent KSP Sandbox Save with Kerbal Engineer and Kerbal Alarm Clock installed(as well as the DLCs) and my computer froze as I was going to the tracking station. This warranted a forced shutdown and restart but when I launched the game again it wouldn't load my save file. Then I tried again and made a new career save and that doesn't work either. The training and scenario sections also come up as blank. Strangely I can access the "Play Missions" section which will return Training and Scenarios to normal but once I try to load them it stops wo
  2. Today and Yesterday the rest of my Duna-bound spacecraft arrived at the red planet. The mining ship arrived at Duna a little earlier than the outpost so I took a little time to test out how well the mining worked. The area we were in had an "orange" amount of ore concentration so it didn't yield too much. The Duna Outpost and Buggy arrived in Duna Orbit so I decided to send the Buggy down first to scout out a flat landing area. However, I soon realized that the Skycrane was not detaching. Apparently I had attached the docking port wrong, so instead of it being decoupla
  3. Today and Yesterday I fine tuned a bunch of trajectories for a lot of the spacecraft I had going to Duna. Mining ship going to Duna Via Refueling tug Duna Outpost and Rover which I failed to realize had kerbals in them until I had already sent it into deep space Hey what's that in the distance? It's Duna!! My scanning Probe arrived at the red planet a lot earlier than any of the other spacecraft so I took the time to scan the surface and set up some waypoints for potential landing locations. Then the "Starship Armstrong" arrived at Duna. Lando Kerman pref
  4. Today and yesterday I kinda realized that the launch window to Duna was open so I assembled the "Starship Armstrong" in LKO to eventually fly to Duna. Basically the idea was to send the mothership to Duna where it would serve as a spacestation. We would bring 2 landers along, one with crew capacity, and one with a refinery. When everyone is set up we would have a functional resupply station and surface outpost. I kinda forgot to take pictures of the core being sent up so here's the core with the gravity ring attached. After Assembling the Mothership I sent up
  5. Today(or rather, yesterday) I sent a surface outpost to the Mun. The plan was to send the Outpost to the Mun with a Lander bringing a replacement crew and since I had a few days until one of my Duna probes had to execute a maneuver I decided to just send the two crafts to the moon at basically the same time. Landing the outpost was tricking since I only had 600m/s in the tanks and the spark engine had a very low TWR. Nevertheless we persisted and managed to land on a flat area near a crater. Sadly it was quite dark at the time so Bill had to be on constant look out fo
  6. Today I impaled Bob on a claw. Ok but really today I sent fearless pilot Lando Kerman as well as a few others to Minmus in "Super-Hawk" SSTO. The main goal was a bit of a crew transfer between the Minmus Space Station and the Minmus so after docking I sent Jeb up in the mining ship we had stationed on the surface. After some-what refueling Lando and Jeb undocked the Hawk and departed to the surface to pick up the rest of the veteran Kerbals. Jeb, Val, and Bill have somewhat of a reunion before they realize that Bob is s
  7. Today I designed and sent a space station to the moon. Initially I wanted the station to have an artificial gravity ring but that didn't really turn out as I had hoped. Another development from my previous stations was in making the docking arms flip up from a stowed position using hinges. The assembly and flight of the space station was actually a lot easier than I had imagined it would. However once the station was parked in orbit I kinda realized that I forgot to bring kerbals. Thus I had to send up the "Super-Hawk" SSTO, an upgraded version of one of my previous sp
  8. Today I sent two probes on trajectories to Duna and Eve. Then I sent Jebediah to the Minmus Base in a mining ship I made a while ago. Landing After landing Jeb decided the walk was too far and got back in the ship to make a short 60m hop over to the outpost. After Jeb's arrival Bill went out to great them and the two talked about recent highlights in Spaseball. Jeb entered the base while Bill got in the mining ship to start up the refining process. The refinery works quite well so it was probably a good investment.
  9. Today I sent Jeb, Bob, and Summer to the moon in my fancy new lander! Unfortunately I overestimated the DeltaV on the craft so the crew had to get home through cheating sheer force of will! After the return of the Mun Mission I spent way too long designing and flying a space station to Minmus. The Core Module Initially I wanted to send the core stage to Minmus with the two other modules following suit but Minmus was in a weird position where it was really hard to get an encounter so I decided to assemble the parts in orbit and send them when Minmus was in a m
  10. Today I sent the second manned(Kerballed?) mission to Minmus in the form of "Minmus Outpost 1." I feel like I wasn't using the breaking ground parts enough so I made this mission mainly to experiment with them. Beautiful shot of Minmus's Mountains After landing and Valentina planting a flag Bill unveils the secret payload from the service bay... ...a rover!!! Initially I had some trouble getting this thing out of the service bay since the connection was down for some reason(even though its right next to the base ) but all it took was extending the antenna a
  11. Today I finished the construction of my Space Station by adding crew modules to the undocked ports. I once again forget to put radio on the original craft so I added some to the crew modules to fix that in post. After finishing assembly I sent the "Hawk" SSTO up to deliver the crew for the station. Sadly the plane has a terrible TWR that makes ascent and orbit tedious so it will probably be retired very soon. In retrospective from the whole Space Station endeavor I'm probably going to try to build the next stations with final assembly in mind instead of hapha
  12. Throughout this week I sent the "Falcon" SSTO to Minmus as the first Minmus landing in my new sandbox save. After this I sent scanning probes to the Mun and Minmus. And then after that I sent my first space station into space and docked a couple solar arrays to the station.
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