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  1. Not a full fail without explosions, but my recient Moho mission partially failed due to low TWR. Because of the insane dV requirements I decided to just send an ion powered spacecraft. So, I get to Moho and guess what, the capture burn takes 5500 m/s and it takes over 2 hours! Wouldn't be too bad (have better timewarp mod installed), except there's a catch; the flyby only lasts for like 30 minutes. So I decided to give up and make it a flyby mission. Still allowed me to max the tech tree though Also, a recient mission to the Mun almost failed because the lander tipped over. Instead of giving up though I used it as a rocket powered rover that crawled along the ground until I got to a nearby crater, then took off using the crater as a ramp
  2. Just came back from a Duna-Ike mission with Bill and another Kerbal. They did not land anywhere though, but the remaining kerbal did land on Ike (the pod only had space for 1 so I decided to send the scientist. As for the other 2 main kerbals, both dead. Bob died crushed by a service bay, Val died when she stepped out of the capsule during reentry (not a good idea)
  3. Never gone there either, but I thought landing on Laythe wouldn't be that much harder than building a small plane (or space plane if you want to return), then taking it to Laythe and landing it? After all air breathing engines work on Laythe so finding a landing spot just requires to fly for a while I guess Same here. Tried to build a Mun base, but a rough landing made it most of it explode. (surprisingly, all Kerbals survived). Currently on my 2nd attempt (this time on MInmus)
  4. Alternatively if you need more thrust I guess just use a quad-coupler+ 0.625m to 1.25m adapter? Or even without the adapter if you don't care about aesthetics and (probably) extra drag
  5. I've been having some terrible luck reciently. First my Mun base has a rough landing, bouncing hard and the fuel tanks were destroyed (thankfully no casualties, it was almost a miracle). Then the rescue mission crashes as it doesn't have enough fuel. After that a "collect ore from Minmus and bring it back to Kerbin" mission fails as the main parachute was attached to the fairing for some reason.
  6. Am I the only one who just goes to the tracking station and deletes unwanted debris?
  7. Not an Xbox player for KSP especifically, but the way it normally works is that the language of your console is the one the game will be displayed in (if unavailable, it defaults to English). In theory it should automatically appear in your language automatically (assuming it will get a localization; many times developers just stick with what is sometimes called PAL-5: Spanish, German, French, English and Italian, though this is increasingly rare) The closest thing to language region locking is that when games have a dub in Spanish, there might be 2 different dubs, one for Latin America and one for Spain. You only get the one for your region. In fact, if there's only one available, and it's for the other region, it's very likely the publisher just sticks to subtitles for your region instead of a full dub anyways! (Latin American dubs are usually badly received in Spain and vice versa) That's actually a lot more relevant for movies and TV shows, but it can happen with games. Since KSP does not have voice acting though, this should not be an issue Actually, there are less native English speakers than Spanish ones. And that's just Spanish, add French, German, Italian, Portuguese, etc as well and you end up with a lot more than English. As for fluency, I think you are overestimating the amount of non native speakers that are willing to play a game in English (I am one actually, but I'm the exception, not the norm), here's a map for Europe: For what is known as PAL-5 (the usual 5 translations: English, Spanish, French, German, Italian), it ranges from Germany's 56% to Spain's 22%. And that's a conversation and self-reported, the actual numbers might be even lower. Also it's Europe; other places probably have lower numbers as well.