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  1. Projects (for example a space station) that you start building, but somehow never get done, gave up after your first try, built it but never launched it or just simply tought about doing it but never starting to do it
  2. Hello again too My three favorite ones: 1: Rocket In My Pocket: 2-seat lifting body SSTO 2: Zmuz: Single-seat lifting body plane 3: Sebaztiaz: The "WW2 Cessna"
  3. Okay, since it is a revival I have no problem with the thing, you know there is something always that I dont like with the policy, but no problem The WW2 Cessna xD Okay The WW2 Cessna xD
  4. So I have been inactive for YEARS, but Im back again, and the thread is BACK TOO There is the link to the new one: https://forum.kerbalspaceprogram.com/index.php?/topic/175308-unique-designs-2-its-back-again/&tab=comments#comment-3386133
  5. If you have somthing unique, strange, or game breaking spacecrafts, post it there The revival of Unique designs Link to old one will be posted, but will I dont recommend using it since I would not post things there
  6. Yes, I just realized what looks like it when I saw your post
  7. I already tried and really hard to do that, I struggled with it until a year to do that low altitude helicopter that can still fly only for seconds That is did really good
  8. No, we need to register to use it, is it working now?
  9. It was working when I posted it, but it is now did with ImageIBB, so it should work, at least it is working now Imgur did not allow me register.
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