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  1. I am running 1.2.2. I thought I remembered it being moved on the fly in a video, but perhaps not....Maybe the presenter edited out the settings part from the video. I did not find it, but found a mod that allows it to be moved on the fly. I was adding KAS and KIS when I saw it.
  2. I have seen in some of the youtube videos of KSP things, where the navball was over in the lower left corner. I cannot move mine. How can the navball be moved around the screen?
  3. I have seen references to time acceleration and physics acceleration. I don't know what physics acceleration is or how to invoke it.
  4. Not me...
  5. I have KER installed (LOVE IT) and I am trying to use the RDVZ to intercept an asteroid. Are there instructions on what all those fields mean and how to use them? Phase angle and intercept angle specifically?
  6. Ok, now I have "tracked" a dozen or so, but now I cannot determine the sizes anymore Grrrr.....
  7. I put two commsats in orbit. One around Moho, nd the other around Eve. On the way out of Kerbin's SOI, I noticed question marks that appear to be asteroids. I then took couple contracts to bring them into Kerbin orbit. I built a ship to grab one and went out near the question mark and it was 60 days old, and no longer there. How is a Kerbal supposed to find these things?
  8. Thanks all who helped. I cut-n-pasted the imgur "Direct Link" yet when I type the exact same thing it did not work.....
  9. I did put them on imgur and pasted in the links. I tried "insert other media" which did not work when I put in a link. I tried the "link" (chain link) also. I even tried inserting html code for img src....didn't work.
  10. Some of the videos I have seen have really great eye candy like clouds. Is that a better graphics card or a mod? I have turned my graphics up all that way, best I can tell, and I see no clouds.
  11. I tried to put a story together in the "What did you do in KSP today" thread. I was unable to embed my screenshots. What am I doing wrong?
  12. I can't seem to get my pictures inline!
  13. Yesterday, Kerbaldom's hero, Valentina Kerman, first kerbalnaut in orbit, to the Mün and to Minmus, delivered a vital component to Kerbin's first space station, Station II. This new module contains a mobile processing lab, a habitat module for 4 kerbal scientists and 5 of the new larger docking ports. In addition, this module has more batteries, solar arrays and monopropellant. This artist rendition shows her craft with the new module on the lower left of the central part of the station. The upper right is a lifeboat craft on station and manned by rookie kerbalnaut Verigh Kerman. Valentina delivered two scientists and was to return with the original scientist and engineer on the station. These three kerbalnauts are KASA's most experienced and brightest. Upon separation from the station, Valentina backed away and prepared to fire her main engine for a retrograde burn to de-orbit. However, there was a malfunction and instead of firing the engine, the booster section of her craft separated from the capsule instead. This left the capsule containing Valentina, Bargun and Jorsey stranded in orbit with no means to return to Kerbin! Enter a new hero, Verigh Kerman, the only kerbalnaut close enough to help. He separated from the station with his lifeboat to dock with Valentina's craft to de-orbit the capsule. He was unaware that Valentina's craft had the newer, larger docking port that was incompatible with the smaller port on his capsule. Undeterred, he positioned for docking anyway. Unable to lock together, he used his extensive training to press against the stranded capsule using RCS thrusters and held it in that position while thrusting with his main engine at 25% in a retrograde direction, de-orbiting both his craft and Valentina's stranded capsule. He then backed away and burned prograde to leave himself in orbit while Valentina prepared for re-entry. Once Valentina splashed down, KASA instructed Verigh to de-orbit also. KASA and Kerbin have a new hero AND KASA's three most experienced kerbalnauts have survived! Some within KASA do not believe there was a malfunction, but instead believe that Valentina mistakenly separated from her booster prematurely. Investigations have begun! One unnamed recovery crew member claims to have smelled vodka on Valentina's breath as she exited the capsule, but Valentina denies she had any alcohol on board her craft.
  14. Sure enough! I grabbed the decoupler and it came away by itself......I have fixed it and it works! Thanks