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  1. GrouchyDevotee's post in Polar orbit questions was marked as the answer   
    They appear to be in the same plane, but they are orbiting in opposite directions. They will eventually be in the same spot at the same time, but the game will probably not create an impact.
    If you are trying to send an orbiter to another planet, or one of Kerbins Moons, and want it to achieve a polar orbit in a specific direction, set up a manoeuvre node before you enter the sphere of influence and make an insertion adjustment burn.
    Make adjustments to the node until you have a polar orbit, then adjust the Peripsis altitude, if it's orbit is in the correct direction you're fine. If it's in the wrong direction Watch the Periapsis and reduce the altitude until it appears you will impact the surface, keep adjusting the manoeuvre node in the same direction until the Periapsis is back up to a safe altitude in the proper direction.
  2. GrouchyDevotee's post in Losing control xbox enhanced was marked as the answer   
    You probably have the trim set. It is very easy to turn the trim on in the console versions.
    Look and see if there are pink markers in the manoeuvre inputs. That is the trim.
    I'm playing on a PS4, it's left bumper and click left stick to turn it off, I don't know about X-Box.
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