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  1. Six months ago KerbalStuff was surviving just fine. Hopefully you can make this survive longer. Also, user impersonation should never be a feature.
  2. You are thinking of Spaceport, yes? But my biggest concern right now is how long this SpaceDock will last. It doesn't matter how many games it offers mods for if it simply does not survive the first six months due to lack of popularity due to the reluctance of people to invest on a new mod site that has not proven its stability since there is absolutely no guarantee and no tangible proof that the sysadmins are capable, competent, and responsible. The only way this reputation can be achieved, then, is by surviving.
  3. Today I came back to KSP forums after a pretty long period of dormancy after hearing of Kerbal Stuff's abrupt shutdown. From what I last heard, wasn't Majiir helping Kerbal Stuff hosting as a reward for the winner of the Majiir Challenge? (That was two years ago, can you believe that?) What happened to Kerbal Stuff should not have happened. First, a system should have been implemented in order to make sure that an archive of mods could be properly hosted in case KS ever had to shut down. Yet we tripped on the licensing problems yet again because we allowed mod authors to prevent archiving in their licenses, and this mistake will be perpetuated as the KSP mod websites balkanize after the fall of KS. And one by one they will shut down, and others will spring up and we'll be back with the mess we started after Spaceport shut down. I applaud SirCmpwn for posting a torrent of the archive. Second, there should have been express warning that without donations KS would have reached the point of shutting down. Granted, I never went to KS to see for myself, but last time I checked, everything looked fine. But if everything's not fine and finance endangers KS, one should not humble himself over it. Communication is key. Word about KS's shutdown had never even reached out to me until 3 months after it happened. Actually, I had not found out that KS had shut down until about an hour before I wrote this post. Third, what happens to all the dormant (but otherwise stable) mods? Every time a shutdown happens, the impact increases almost exponentially, with more and more authors hoping that a new rising mod site is "better" and "more stable" than its predecessors and thus more willing to put their (figurative) money on it. I have no data to prove this, but I hypothesize that it falls in line with the amount of effort that goes into the making of such mod sites such as KS. It is so disappointing to see tens of thousands of lines of good working code go to waste due to its abandonment. Even if someone uses KS's code for their own continuation, they will not know how to improve or maintain the system. KS was unique and I thought it to be the alpha and omega of KSP mods; I thought in the beginning that once SirCmpwn was done with the site, it's done. Nobody ever has to do this again, and the site will go on to the end of KSP. But ultimately I was wrong. I fail to understand that often times things, despite being taken for granted or looking "okay", can get shut down overnight for just about any reason in the world. This is not aimed to be a criticism of SirCmpwn or the decisions he took. I understand that they are properly justified. Rather, I simply express my disappointment that there could have been an alternate course of events which could have prevented KS from shutting down altogether. I have few remarks on SpaceDock. I wish VITAS good luck, but my hopes on it seem rather grim right now. That is all I have to say. See all of you after exams.
  4. Well, at least Abrams saved himself from being called Jar Jar Abrams I was surprised at the lack of Expanded Universe content in the movie. It's all being cleared out for a totally original story arc, it seems. One thing we never got to see though, was Also still many unanswered questions in the movie. I noticed how the movie strongly reflects society's ongoing shift of gender roles.
  5. About 491000000 bauds down and 49600000 bauds up. I've got a really nice modem, don't I.
  6. At least the mass parallelization will get rid of the PhysX bottleneck.
  7. Sorry for necro, but Samsung seems to have finally closed the deal for paying damages. The technology damages portion really is ridiculous; why is Apple suing Samsung instead of Google? And even so, Apple would have to sue the contributors of the Android project, not Google itself, for breaching patents. But I guess they are not willing to download Git and trudge through 150 GB worth of source, so we instead get a billion-dollar lawsuit over things that Samsung didn't even make.
  8. Terrain scatter is procedurally generated but you could easily just make the seed a hardcoded value for each planet. Also, I don't want my 600 part plane to break up and explode gloriously at 100 m/s just because there was a little tiny cactus in the way of my landing.
  9. 25 likes a day for two weeks... well, you can do the math. But that works out to a lot of rep, especially if the receiving end has a lot of posts you can like.
  10. I just realized: now there's nothing stopping secret rep rings from forming. After all, there's no limit on how many likes you can give to each user, so they can just like all of each other's posts until their reps have accumulated to immense proportions. Or is there? Also, I like how there's a "currently trending" thread on the forum index. It's like the "I'm Feeling Lucky" of the forums
  11. Many years ago when I lived in Puerto Rico, the power would go out when a little drop of water fell from the clouds, meaning it would go out once or twice a week. We used electricity for not much more than the computer, the television, the AC (which were individual wall units in each room), and the stove. Not to mention the water, which could also go away without much notice. I'm not sure if the infrastructure has improved since then, but the situation over there still looks quite grim. Now where I live, it's the total opposite: the power only goes out once or twice a year, and we need electricity for practically everything except the gas stove!
  12. Weeeeelllll, I think it's time to get back into the groove of things. Forum migrations are hardly ever smooth, and the fair share of criticism that go along with them won't ever disappear. It's going to take a while to get used to the style; I had become accustomed to the default vB style (yes, nobody ever bothered to change the forum theme from the one that vB comes with on installation). I hate flat/material design and you probably do too, but just hope that it'll go away just as quickly as it came.
  13. Here's a screenshot of the old forum in case you feel a bit nostalgic (sorry can't put images inside spoilers thanks to WYSIWYG):
  14. fail.. But at least my avatar, title, and rep were all migrated successfully! Hooray!
  15. [quote name='Thunder_86']but its way more than just "decent" :P With all the options, possibility to add an overlay, or webcam capture, or basically anything for that matter... Its really awesome! Not saying that there arent any paid softwares that are even better (I don't even know if there are, but I can't say there is none!), but for a free software, its actually quite amazing! I'm pretty sure if OBS wasn't from twitch it wouldn't be free either... The reason why its free, in my mind, is that its the perfect tool for streamers to stream, which in turn is profitable to twitch. If it wasn't for the streaming ability, I'm sure that OBS would be at least 20-30 bucks! (its weird to say that REMOVING a functionality would make a freeware a paid application, but I'm pretty sure it would!)[/QUOTE] Well, it's not made by any Twitch staff (AFAIK), it's an open source project, which means that the program's coder is committed to being free, forever. The best part about open-source software is that even if the lead developer changes his mind about the binaries being free or the program being open source, other developers can still use the last available copy of the source and continue/fork it. Also, I say "decent" because even the simplest free screen cap software out there can't even record the screen without needing a custom codec or having horrible quality.
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