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  1. I will need to see if you can get that blue and white shuttle to fly with procedural wings first or it will be a deal breaker if not
  2. Watched EJ_SA stream for a bit, it has potential and will defiantly get better with time, will buy soon.
  3. Katateochi, Love the website but I think thumbnails are broken.....place holder for your opening image says " image coming soon"
  4. Setting the pattern ......... Was kind of a big jump from the template to the final craft but some times I dive in head first.
  5. The one pictured was the 2nd attempt, the first one I did was before the DLC s, the electric motors, servos and props of the DLC helped the flight performance of this one greatly, still a little wonky when transitioning to foward flight. Probably one of the tougher builds for me technically because of all the variables. https://kerbalx.com/kerbalwerks/Bell-V-22
  6. Think this might give it away almost done, the waist gunners need some guns and such, lol , bye the way, love your new Sci- FI craft above could totally see something like that in a Movie.
  7. Been 5 years since my first attempt,thought another try with all the updates would be fun, this one is stock+DLC.
  8. Not sure TBH, saw a few designs of things would like to mimic or merge into one, cockpit always seem to be the hardest when I start something, so started it first this time. Had to think , Snow speeder/ , then it clicked , yes I can see that too,
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