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  1. A little farther below, already at 426 parts, don't think this will make it into a ship but this is fun anyway. Maybe the end product , haven't decided yet:
  2. Started on a Bridge of sorts, never really work on an inside project.
  3. This is what bugs me the most: " incomprehensibly weird if you try to do certain somewhat complex things, like shielding things from the airflow using anything other than a fairing or a cargo bay. "
  4. That might be a good idea, to have multiple projects going at once, I usually just do one at a time, think about then change stuff , then redo it again then think about it some more................etc. etc
  5. The above was never a grand plan, they just came about slowly over the past few years, the game has provided me a way to keep my mind focused and creative in a crazy world.
  6. I do not use steam, I do not think I would want to see how many hours I have put into KSP.
  7. Yes I see the resemblance, in the Star Trek series the OV-165 craft were to have come after Nasa space shuttles and I believe if I got it right was an SSTO with aero spike engines.
  8. Almost done ......... well depends on how it fly , needs a cargo door next:
  9. Working on an obscure ship from a fleeting moment in the one of the Star Trek series:
  10. There is 192 pages of SSTO s here I would guess a few might be beginner or should we say simple to build/fly =
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