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  1. Kind of looks like a Boeing SST that never was, very kewl.
  2. Working on my first egg beater since having the DLCs.
  3. Stab trim cable drum assy, I was like No--way, beautiful work!!!
  4. Started something new but didn't like the way it was going, so now it is heading in this direction, too many Trek episodes I guess.
  5. Bought this from the Federation Bone Yard they said it was a good deal and a fixer upper, not sure if I got scammed or not/
  6. Hiya katateochi, Just uploaded an add on to a previous craft already published, the process worked great. My question - Do all alternate versions of a craft get published to the front page? If I want to upload 5 different version of the same craft, will the site publish all 5 version on the front page? Thanks!
  7. A lifter for an electric mini-sub:
  8. Built this and working on something to haul it around that has higher speeds.
  9. Water Test - was able to get this into the water with much "to-do" although pretty much unusable for it's intent, aircraft all but stop in midair during final approach or flybys, think I will stop here, up to about 1800 parts with the carriage so minus a hundred or so after detaching once in the water. Definitely a challenge getting it on the runway , moving it and then into the water all with out exploding , which it did many times, it did not like going into the sea straight in, the bow would start floating with the stern still dropping causing it to buckle and explode, it tolerate a sideway
  10. Ahh .... Thank you good to know, maybe a good place to start next time, just figured it was a setting or something I was doing with my install.
  11. Good thoughts HvP but no kind of a vanilla guy. Should of posted below in first post: Installed version 1.91.2766 1.9.1 Making History 1.4.1 Breaking Ground No Mods and using Launcher to start, no steam. Wiped my install clean with eraser, re-installed and it is doing the same thing, strangest thing not devastating just annoying I will keep my ears open for anyone else having same issue and related. Cheers !
  12. Thanks for checking, That is how it use to work for me before 1.9, glad to know it is my install or configuration now I can try a re- install or what not to fix , TBH first glitch I have had that pertains to my system or installation. Working on a large air craft carrier using fuel tanks as structural units so you can see the pain the above issue would add to building something large.
  13. Yes I mean when building in the SPH or VAB, it use to follow the setting of the one it was copied from even today the autostrut setting will be retained but the anount of fuel is not, thought there might be a setting I am missing to change this. Thanks
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