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  1. Think I am done, part count through the roof already.
  2. I set an action group on the decouple port: Key 1 = extend piston, ths is set for each one, transverse speed set for each one. Key 2 = decouple docking port, unlock docking port- takes a little practice on the timing so it doesn't hang up at the end , ( suppose the KAL -1000 controller could be set up for this, I haven't played with that controller much.) I will post the whole mess over at kerbalx later so anybody can investigate the guts, TBH I had to mess with a lot of variables to get it to work somewhat smoothly and to be sure this would change depending on what aircraft you attach. Salute
  3. Been Testing some CVN catapult systems - have had success launching an aircraft that has been coupled in the hangar then decouple at the end of the cat launch, still working on a system to couple the aircraft that has taxied up to the cat attached point and is strong enough to with stand the launch. Stock and DLC parts. Below from a few days later - attaching aircraft before launch, it still does the (weave and bob) down the cat, working on trying to smooth that out.
  4. A little farther below, already at 426 parts, don't think this will make it into a ship but this is fun anyway. Maybe the end product , haven't decided yet:
  5. Started on a Bridge of sorts, never really work on an inside project.
  6. This is what bugs me the most: " incomprehensibly weird if you try to do certain somewhat complex things, like shielding things from the airflow using anything other than a fairing or a cargo bay. "
  7. That might be a good idea, to have multiple projects going at once, I usually just do one at a time, think about then change stuff , then redo it again then think about it some more................etc. etc
  8. The above was never a grand plan, they just came about slowly over the past few years, the game has provided me a way to keep my mind focused and creative in a crazy world.
  9. I do not use steam, I do not think I would want to see how many hours I have put into KSP.
  10. Yes I see the resemblance, in the Star Trek series the OV-165 craft were to have come after Nasa space shuttles and I believe if I got it right was an SSTO with aero spike engines.
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