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  1. Needed to put the MegaCarriers engines to use, not real controllable yet, likes to slew around.
  2. A lot more I would like to do but part count is getting high, around 830 parts now, PC starting to struggle.
  3. The new robotics can be good, but playing around with kraken tech is a real joy and some of the best fun I fimd in KSP.
  4. Definitively Not Stratzenblitz's Helicarrier but wanted to make an atmospheric carrier nevertheless, been playing around with the turbo prop engines a lot lately and can say I am enjoying this build.
  5. Have not created one of these yet, I figured I should throw my variant into the ring, do love the real aircraft, so much awesome in it.
  6. In layman terms - If I increase the RAM on my machine, will the SPH/VAB stutter go away, lets say I have 8GB now and install 8GB more. Thanks
  7. Was wondering what is powering the rotors air or electrics?
  8. Have seen many, very few capture the correct lines of the fuselage, this is looking great.............................
  9. I see this in my mind as more of a Star Wars type imperial droid/drone hovering above the surface, going place to place collecting whatever is needed, not really as a terrain crawler.