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  1. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Progress on the Azathoth Carrier has sped up massively thanks to 1.6. The body (hull?) is starting to take shape, and internal features such as the microfighter bay are well underway. Very Impressive, cannot wait to see what it looks like when done!
  2. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Guesstimating around 900ish parts when complete, think it is around 790 parts ATM, does still fit in the SPH.
  3. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Not quite done, to much Merry & Cheer over the weekend, but here is a rough draft, will put it up over at KerbalX when done . <S>
  4. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Have the next four days off, should have it done by Christmas........................will post it here when finished.
  5. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Hmm this site you and Klond are working on.............can you put post some of it here./?
  6. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    I tried a Star Trek style space dock, but the part count was way high, reduced the count a bit but then trying to pull a star ship up too it........ well just too much for this guys PC. ...................I like what you were doing here though!
  7. Kerbalwerks

    Launcher Won't Display Anything

    Call me what you will but I say fix it or delete when configuring the next patch, kind of sloppy the way it is.
  8. Kerbalwerks - Craft & Mission Sharing

    Thanks for checking Katateochi sounds like vimeo makes things difficult <shrug> I would give the whole idea a thumbs down then. On a side note I have not seen too many offensive comments at Kerbalx, which tells me it is a great group or you are very busy cleaning things up, I guess it could be both :) anyway great job again, site still looks and works beautiful.
  9. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    Too much awesome in this project ! Looking promising!
  10. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    The awesomeness of this beast is well............ Beastly. I have a question for you: I know lots of parts cause lag and other problems, I currently am in the build process of a large very [Heavy ship], been able to keep part count down but the mass is great, will large mass ships cause teh same issues as too many parts or have noticed? the project is approx. half built, tried loading it on the runway and seemed like it took awhile for it too load not sure if PC was having trouble calculating the large mass or what.
  11. Kerbalwerks - Craft & Mission Sharing

    No worries, please just when ever you get the notion, I put a few vids up on Vimeo the other day and it was painless and kind of like their format, very clean and So under used it is refreshing. PS; Don't tell Google or youtube or I may never be able to use the internet again
  12. Kerbalwerks

    Work-in-Progress [WIP] Design Thread

    The real wing LH side looks as almost an exact match of the in-game wing, is it not the right size and that is why you didn't use it/
  13. Kerbalwerks - Craft & Mission Sharing

    Heya katateochi, Anyway to post videos on our craft page from say Vimeo or others besides youtube, not that there is anything wrong with them but just asking. Thanks
  14. The Aero Force is strong in this one. Loved it. Thank you for posting.
  15. Kerbalwerks

    What did you do in KSP today?

    Gave the Space shuttle a Go.