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  1. OK OK...... Seems that all 吧务 have already sign in here.....
  2. Actually, in Chinese forums, Although we have all the tutoring pages and strict forum rules, there are still many new players keep asking basic questions like "How to enable SAS", "Why my rocket can't stay in orbit (usually they have 10w+ in ap and 1w+ in pe) " that we can hardly discuss and share our achievement with each other. So most of us come here to have a better learning& exhibition environment. Well, we are thinking about whether Chinese version of KSP will dramatically increase such kind of questions that totally "overflow" native Tieba forums...... I'm looking forward to it. It's interesting to figure out how they translate all the explanations precisely and preserve these funny point in Chinese. I'm puzzled with who is Chinese and who is native..... Anyway, dictator green doesn't come yet?
  3. No problem. All Chinese players who post and discuss on this forum have basic English skills. So you are here too...... All the submarines floating up! LOL
  4. Hi everyone, I'm 98012256069411 from tieba forum. My last project is ws125 nuclear bomber. Nice to see you guys.