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  1. So i just got a small update for ksp today (Not the recent parts pack) anyone know what it is? Hopefully some new fixes?
  2. jake867

    History and Parts Pack and Free Update Delayed

    I just cant wait for this update to drop so i can stop coming to these tense forums where everyone is arguing about pc VS. Console, or weather or not it was the right choice for squad to delay an update, that honestly they didnt have to make. so before you criticise the delay of this patch, know that squad could have just cut their losses when they delivered the working "Enhanced edition" to cosoles. Everything from here on is just gravy :)
  3. Im greatful for the new content i figured they had abandoned ship as soon as they delivered a working product "enhanced edition" glad to see they stuck it out.
  4. So i havent played in forever so i figured id come see if consoles got an update. So were about to today?
  5. jake867

    Making history for ps4

    So is this still a possibility? is there somewhere to see info about future conle updates?
  6. Well i quicksaved shut my system down turned it on today went onto ksp tried loading my game and it said "cannot load saved game" with a bunch of random letters after a : so idk man i guess i just have to restart again for the whatever thousandth time
  7. It wont load my save!!!!!!!!!! What the heck man 10 hours of gameplay and its just not gonna load it seriously why am i the only one still having problems? This is not ok this is my favorite game in existance and i just want to play it!!!!
  8. And now my stages wont work what did the even fix besides the data corruption
  9. No there wasnt How do you adjust nodes and orbital trajectories i cant find it in the controls
  10. So i have a question and i hope its an easy fix but i was in flight no quicksave unfortunately finally get into orbit and i clicked on my completed contract missions at the top of the toolbar on the right it popped open a screen saying contract parameter complete now it wont let me do anything the game isnt frozen this screen just wont go away and it wont let me pause tge game to save please help
  11. I get all that but it would be worth it or maybe just be able to transfer fuel from a certain distance idk but something like this needs to happen on the next update to make it somewhat playable for console
  12. So i cant tag anyone on my ps4 so if someone could tag some devs it would be greatly appreciated. So ill start by saying i love the game even the broken console version when it wants to work but im afraid even after the update there are gonna be some gameplay issues "compared to pc". While i know that blitworks has their hands full and also that mods are just not an option for console maybe you could add a piece of a mod all im suggesting is external fuel lines so you can have a permanent refueler on a planetary body without having to bring one every time you go there or having to try to dock with it. Its doubtfull this will happen but here is my optimistic suggestion. thank you!
  13. jake867

    Development Update for Consoles!

    We can go around and around the point is you dont pay for a game before it works. so what your saying is we (And new people unknowingly buying it) should be expected to fund this sub-Branch of the company? No if they didnt have a working port they plain and simply SHOULD NOT HAVE RELEASED IT.
  14. jake867

    Development Update for Consoles!

    Guess what man this is totally false or i wouldnt have the faulty game to begin with They sold me trash they dont get props for "ATTEMPTING" to clean up their own mess they should have stopped selling it at the first sighn of bugs or in this case total catastrophic failure but no it still in the ps store ripping people off