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  1. Both the new adapters you added this time, have issues with the inner tube not meeting the front of the part's outer shell. Minor fix i'm sure.
  2. @timmers_uk Thank your for the reply! Always good to know if a mod is going to be updated (so many have disappeared over the last few patches).
  3. Miss this mod... Game crashes with the 1.3 update, not to be one of those.... but... Any chance of an update to 1.3 in the future?
  4. @SuicidalInsanity Thanks for the reply, Tonight I tried to battle the issue again, and found exactly what you were saying, Tweakscale (when resizing the OPT wings to 50% to fit the MK 2 size), gives the wings a negative mass. I was going to edit my post tonight, to clear this mod of the problem... who knew (still quite new to the game really). If I return the wings to 100% size, the aircraft flies normally (if not goofy as hell looking). I went into the config files for the wings, and added scale to the model (0.5, and the wings worked with no issue, It must be the math that Tweakscale uses to get into the negitives (not sure how the code works in KSP, but some kind of "If (M => 1) M = M - (M/2)" in there to prevent negative numbers. As for the part, had no idea of the 'unfunness' of legs. I haven't dabbled in it yet, but i do 3d modeling (using 3ds max) but I'm kinda stuck at the conversion from a 3ds format to the KSP 3d format conversion. Would love to have some reference models as i do have some ideas for parts not yet in the MK2 Catalog. I've dabbled with code for years, and the config files are pretty straight forward, and it seems the modeling is as well (along with the texturing). Anyway, thanks again for the advice on this error I'm having, even if I blamed the wrong mod.
  5. I'm not sure why, but whenever I use any of the parts from this Mod, The ship I plan on launching, is super glued to the runway. Eventual, if I wait long enough, the ship will slowly be crushed by an unknown force (as if gravity was on 1000 times normal) and of course the ship blows up. I'm not sure what "logs" you would need to see this error, or if screen shots (or video) would help. This may have to do with the post earlier about miss configuration, or possibly with Tweekscale, but I'm not sure. Any help would be great, as I love this mod, and all of the wonderful parts it adds. Any chance of picking up this piece and add it to the collection? Thanks again.
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