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  1. I vote yes because apparently Isaac Newton predicted the world will end around 2060
  2. Patterns to solve the Rubik's Cube, the bass and treble clef notes for music and the formula to work out the area of a heptagon!
  3. I once had a dream where I was at my house sitting outside with all my neighbours from the old street where I used to live having a barbeque. My dad then told me to go inside to get some chips, then when I came back outside they weren't there and the ground was covered in leaves and flowers. I then walked around to the side of the house (where there is a big fallen tree in real life) and there was a big flower tree. I walked closer to it and then a koala walked out of it, then 2 then 3 koalas came out of the tree. I started running but I couldn't run fast, my legs just wouldn't work. Then while slowly and awkwardly running, I opened the bag of chips and started throwing chips at the koalas. After about 4 chips the bag was empty, even though it still had some weight to it. I then dropped the bag and turned around to begin the slow run again, got inside the house, locked all the doors and went upstairs to find the koalas had got in somehow. Then I woke up. It was very weird
  4. "I think this might just land...." Crashes horribly into planet/moon. "T minus 10 seconds to liftoff, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6...." Whole ship explodes.... "When did I add that feature?"
  5. My first was Yu-Gi-Oh! Worldwide Edition on Gameboy Advance. Found the box and cartridge in a small table in my room just then
  6. I am near a RAAF (Royal Australian Air Force) Base, so I see Hawk-127's (I think thats what they are) flying around and the rare occasion of F-18's! Also there are a lot of prop planes and sometimes this massive Cargo plane that flys around. So pretty cool
  7. KSP, producing electronic music stuff, listening to music (mainly monstercat artists because they are awesome ), reading and thinking of inventions that would be stupid but also cool.
  8. Buzz Aldrin's Race Into Space (BARIS) is cool if you want a classic
  9. I agree. Safety first, mission objective second. If something did go wrong, let's say during the de-orbit burn to mars, would there be an abort mission? I mean, they can't really do much if that happens but what if they run out of fuel while they are in orbit. Would they have to wait until someone rescues them? (when I say rescue, I mean re-fuel them and then land on mars) The whole concept of abort on that mission is strange to me
  10. I would get it but I don't have much internet I usually just get small indie games that won't use up all my internet while downloading it
  11. Reading, some archery, making music on my computer (electro stuff), a bit of coding and playing an assortment of various instruments
  12. This should be in the Spacecraft Exchange section, but awesome job anyway
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