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  1. What if I use a smaller ring? The idea for rings is to have the docking ports on the side for multiple landers or extra vacuum fuel, also for aesthetic purposes! But otherwise how would you build a ship with that objective in mind? Big ship with landers, as said above?
  2. Anyone ever tried to build a craft that would be able to do everything you would as it? Like for example launch from Kerbin, land on Eve, refuel, then relaunch from Eve, go on Laythe, refuel, then go on [...]? Is it possible? I thought something that would have around 20k dV, 1.5 TWR & 1.00 SLT when simulated from Eve (since it would be the hardest land/relaunch right?), but it seems like it's harder than harder said than done. I have been struggling for a couple of hours now trying to figure out how I could get the most dV out of this beauty but you know. Here's my work yet, any idea
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