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  1. Stock science problem

    I think the problem is here. Ask me if you want me to copy the whole file.
  2. Stock science problem

    Ok, does it help you if I copy here the lines from the log file where I think the problem is?
  3. Stock science problem I think it's what you asked, hope it will help.
  4. Hello, I play KSP for now approximately 3 months but I don't us ally play on a PC so maybe my problem is a bit stupid. I have some mods and my game perfectly works with it but for two days, when I triy to use the stock science modules (thermometer, science Jr, mystery goo...) they don't work anymore.. With the Science Jr I can "open the doors" but not use it, it is "locked" and for the others, I can toggle it but not take any data. I found a forum on which somebody had the same problem that me but he didn't solved it, the only mod we have in common is Kerbal Joint Reinforcement and the problem came after I installed it but even if I remove the mod, the issue persists. Thanks for your answers.