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  1. Oooh a KSP update... Time to wait until all of my mods have been patched and avoid Steam like the plague.
  2. Thanks man. Running through RSS just now. Will try again later
  3. @Galileo Gamedata folder http://imgur.com/a/2GvVW Output log... https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B0ehLhIOk9G4ZHJXQ0dWcVdHZUk I have tried a fresh download and install again from extracting the zip fully, but I get the same issues Cheers dude
  4. I'm experiencing the problem of GPP forever loading after installing. I'm using a fresh KSP install (run once), installed the version of Kopernicus from the GPP GitHub page and run it again before copying the GPP content to my Gamedata folder. The loading screen works and I can see Gael on the game screen, but as soon as I start a new game... Nothing. Any ideas? running KSP 64bit with 8GB ram if this helps. Thanks
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