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  1. Most recent planes I have will probably get rekt the moment they face anything on the leaderboard
  2. I have succeeded in teaching exbyde the ways of the dank
  3. hell yea bois DN-65 is best plane although I do think that its remaining time is short-lived, since it uses a craft file edit to set the scan interval to less than one, letting it switch weapons and react faster Will submit an upgraded, fairer version that does not engage in any of those shenanigans soon
  4. You can do some really cool stuff by setting an engine's fuel consumption to be negative--there's actually a thread on here in which they made an "Epstein drive" from a Netflix series by having a spider engine regenerate fuel to power a vector
  5. But what makes mine super while Eidahill's is not? Don't we all have wildly differing definitions of how much is editing too much?
  6. that's right 100x engine thrust plane can we do it ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  7. Wait I have a brilliant idea to what extent can we take directly modifying the .craft file?
  8. But on a brighter note, you should always download a craft from the leaderboard on the first page and fine tune your plane to successfully beat it. I won't lie, that is pretty much what I did with the 65, and trust me, it is so much better seeing your aircraft successfully rise up the leaderboard in one go, than having to go back and recreate the airplane from the ground up. If anyone here has yet to at least try their craft against someone else's, then I would definitely suggest for you to do that. goddamit lol you beat me to it
  9. Where from fam. I definitely need to get my hands on that stuff because the afterburner sound effect alone is enough to make it better than the panther.
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