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  1. KRPC works with 1.7, I've been using it with the new robotic parts. Is there anything in particular that isn't working?
  2. @Steven Mading Sorry for the late response, I have not had any of those issues through kRPC. While the sample code I posted was about pistons I've actually been messing with rotors more. They've been behaving fine though. Hope you get it figured out though, the more people that have access to coding the robotic parts the cooler this community gets. As a side note I've been doing some cool stuff with it since I posted.
  3. Hey everyone, I was fiddling around with the new robotic parts for Breaking Ground and I came up with a snippet that allows me to control the parts. part_name = "piston.02" module_name = "ModuleRoboticServoPiston" field_name = "Target Extension" for part in if == part_name: for module in part.modules: if == module_name: module.set_field_float(field_name, 0.0) It's not the easiest way, eventually I think it would be nice for KRPC to have a more direct interface, but for now this work around should work. Super excited to see what people come up with using the new parts!