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  1. After watching some videos and reading some articles about the Copenhagen Suborbitals, I've become inspired to someday build a largish liquid-propellant rocket engine. I just finished watching their video-presentation on the turbopump they are building for their TM65 engine, and it seems, well... large, heavy, and cumbersome. It then occurred to me that quite a few modern cars use a form of turbopump in their engines (a turbocharger) and I began to wonder if it would be possible to modify one of those for use in a rocket. People occasionally build jet engines out of them, so it doesn't seem *too* crazy of an idea. Frankly, I'm surprised that I can't find anything online about doing such a thing. In the Suborbitals' video, their engine designer states that their turbopump can move 18-20 liters of propellant per second, increasing its pressure to 18 bars. If one attached a high pressure steam source to the turbo's exhaust inlet and the air inlet of the cold side to the outlet of a propellant tank, would it be possible to achieve performance anywhere close to that? The video I'm referencing:
  2. Does anyone have a copy of 2.2? 2.3 isn't working quite right and I'm not exactly sure what to do.
  3. Just for the record, I'd like to throw in for a separate Plugin-Powered board... It just seems proper to have the mods divided that way.
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    Complaint Box

    That does seem to be the case... Anyway, a major complaint of mine that has less to do with the game itself and more to do with the way the developers are handling PR: Most of us are not bothered by the content that Squad is delivering, it's that they're terrible at managing hype. They tell us of an amazing feature set, say all sorts of cool things about it, and then delay it indefinitely. This happened with docking (though we ended up getting it), resources, and now it's happening with Career Mode. It's happening so much that it's starting to become Squad's M.O.. They've lost my trust, and I've lost the ability to vote with my wallet. It's a ****ty situation all around.
  5. FourTee2

    Complaint Box

    Firstly, there is the community. It's turned into a brawl between the Captain HarvesteR Brigade and a very vocal group of people who are concerned about the direction development is taking. This is incredibly annoying, as most criticisms, even the constructive ones, are met with extremely distasteful and not-well-thought-out responses. That's one thing that needs to be fixed.
  6. FourTee2

    Complaint Box

    Well, I have a feeling that a significant portion of the posts in here won't be concerning the development of the game specifically, however if you feel that strongly about it, you're free to request it to be moved.
  7. FourTee2

    Complaint Box

    But this thread is meant to be taken seriously, by people who actually want things to be changed. It's not supposed to be a wishlist/joke.
  8. FourTee2

    Complaint Box

    Exactly! If anything is to get fixed or changed, it needs to be done so before Squad stops listening to us, and before they stop development. EDIT: And, in my opinion, complaints are valuable as well. It just takes a bit more time to figure out what to do about them.
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    Complaint Box

    Given what's brewing in HarvesteR's current blog post, I beg to differ.
  10. FourTee2

    Complaint Box

    We've been cluttering up HarvesteR's blogs and other people's threads with our minor complaints about the game for quite a while. Why not voice our gripes here, instead? All in one purpose-built, very clearly labeled place. Happy Launching!
  11. FourTee2

    Noob with a possibly overly ask noob question

    Same thing has been happening to me since the runway was introduced. I have no clue why, but I do have a workaround. You'll find that each plane you build has a certain speed that, if you exceed while on the runway, will cause it to lose control and veer to the left. There is also a very specific place on the runway, at least in my game, where it tends to happen; somewhere around the midpoint. I am usually able to overcome this problem by staying below the aforementioned speed until I pass that point, at which I throttle all the way up and take off. Let me know if this works! For the past few months, I thought this was only happening to me, and am hesitant to report it as a bug until I know otherwise.
  12. FourTee2

    ENB for KSP

    It's a bit shocking seeing people on such an easygoing forum bashing somebody for releasing a graphics mod in its infancy. What Hogdriver and Erkle64 did for docking, PhoenixTheSage is doing for graphics. The devs probably won't get around to implementing/improving either for quite a while, so somebody decided to take matters into their own hands, and I see nothing wrong with that. Having seen how much ENB can enhance and refresh games lacking in the graphics department, I'm very excited to see where this mod goes.
  13. FourTee2

    [v0.19] Damned Robotics Version 1.3

    Just wondering... is this plugin still being developed/debugged?
  14. FourTee2

    [v0.19] Damned Robotics Version 1.3

    I'm assuming that nobody has any idea how to fix the orbital twitches...? I loved this mod before they started happening...
  15. I totally agree with adding back the rendezvous module. Even if the autopilot bits are completely nonfunctional, having the readouts was, and still would be, incredibly useful and helpful.