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  1. I may potentially create another version of this craft with a more functional cargo bay (or passenger cabin as it's referred to in the video) that can contain an SRV or probe. Suggestions are always welcome, thanks!
  2. Unique designs

    Lifting body aircraft I made several months ago based off M2-F2:
  3. The craft file download is in the description of the video. Feedback and future suggestions are always appreciated!
  4. I like what you did there, haven't seen anyone create a fighter like that before. Thanks, I did my best to make the video and transitions smooth but I think I could of done a better job. I must say the X-24B replica you made was superb.
  5. Nobody is claiming this is an amazing aircraft, I attempted to make the video more informational in the v2.
  6. I just took a look at yours, really impressive work.
  7. Note that this thread may be frequently updated with new content. Redesign: