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  1. What does kerbal taste like?

    Well i think they taste like dogs
  2. I'm building a rocket to laythe. but, I am making it where there is a mini SSTO in the cargo bay to go back to kerbin, just for a small challenge i am doing. but i have not built the lifter. can i have a hyperedit ship lander code for land? i need a large strip of flat land. help
  3. What does kerbal taste like?

    What do they taste like?
  4. Fairing Mk2 and Mk3 bases

  5. I was playing Minecraft, specifically building a computer, and 2 songs were playing. This made me stop playing MC and continue KSP. Help?
  6. so ksp crashed today. I was building a rocket. but then i decided to work on another one i had, so i clicked load. it made a weird buzzing noise in the music, and 3 seconds later, the load vessel screen popped up, i scrolled down, looking for my rocket, (it was called the Very Kerbal SLS orion) and before i got to click on it, BOOM. it crashed. i looked in the ksp folder, and there was no error log folder. help plz
  7. How to load mods without restarting KSP

    ughh, you said not to click alt f4, but click alt 12. but instead, i clicked alt f4 out of curiosity. also for the real comment i was posting, squad should make it where you see a list of files that exist in the GAMEDATA directory, and you can right click it to either reload or open file. thumbs up so dev's see this
  8. Anyone tried fried kerbal?

    Grilled or fried kerbal, however you like. has anyone tried eating kerbals? FYI: does include kerbals cooked from inside a crew cabin.
  9. Make a fake KSP mod.

    Kerbal fart mod fart on a ship,
  10. Still happens in ksp 1.3.1
  11. Is there a mod for this

    it would be cool if you could collect ore and fuel from the probes...
  13. Is there a mod for this

    I want probes to randomly generate in space like asteroids do, is there a mod for that?
  14. How long does your game take to load?

    Usually ≥30 seconds.
  15. quite an interesting comment they can, technically, because they are a vessel and they appear in the tracking station.