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  1. So i have ksp 1.2.2, and i started it up from steam. then it popped up with: (Missing File Privileges) plz help i want to build my minmus base ATTENTION: DONT SAY "SAME! I HAVE IT 2!". I need answers.
  2. So I landed on the moon, and in a cargo bay it had something similar to the moonscoot in the scenario Exploring Gilly or something like that. so I undocked, and to my surprise, bill kerman (the pilot of the vehicle that undocked) DIED. The vehicle was gone, and bill was gone. In the F3 menu, it said bill kerman was killed. Nothing said anything about blahblah crashed into the surface. I didn't hear an explosion. just vanished before my eyes. help.
  3. Rover Designs

    oh, why do you stay away from bigger hot dog and burger stands?
  4. Autopilot request.

    can someone make a 1.2.2 mod for autodocking? NOT. MECHJEB. IT CRASHES.
  5. Any mods that can auto-dock?

    i have quit ksp for weeks because of docking
  6. Problem

    So i was docking 2 small ships together, and it kept moving in circles, like 2 dancers on ice. Then i tried to stop one ship to where it is zero velocity. But then when I use rcs on ship 1, ship 2 uses rcs on itself. and it kept moving. eventually i decided to use object thrower (R.I.P. Kerbal Whacker) on the ship. solved my problems. Kill 10 kerbals in career? no problem.
  7. Adding lights to a Command Pod/Cockpit?

    Get JSI/RasterPropMoniter
  8. I'm alive, Jeb is not. I crashed jeb into the Mun.

    1. Vanamonde


      Well, you can't keep a good Kerbal down. He'll be back. 


    1. SamBelanger
    2. Mudkip909


      I accidentally killed jebadiah kerman in a rocket an hour ago

    3. SamBelanger
  10. strange dream

    I had a dream of me skipping art class. I was in the hallway, and my art teacher told me " why are you skipping class? I don't get it." then I said, "I don't get it either.". then I went to class and my friend told me that she thought I was absent. but no. my class was making Yoshi plushes. my friend said, "combine these yoshis to make the super Yoshi." I went to work combining yoshis, then all the sudden, I was in science class. then 2 minutes later, *pop* I was in art again. there was a super Yoshi inflatable, and I started to pump it up. Then I woke up.
  11. I cant wait until the download is fixed!
  12. Do you like mudkips or did you name yourself of the meme?

  13. What do kerbal snacks look like

    Sorry moderators, put this in the right category, anyway, What does a kerbals' snacks look like?