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  1. Thanks for being so kind, well I tried looking, but I'm very weird, I never see the things I'm looking for, but I recently found out that there are 61 pages of posts and total of over 1500 posts, like wow, I'm sure if I pressed the lil' next button I would have found it out all by myself, but it's whatever Plegeus
  2. Hello! I just wonder, since 1.3 is out if/when this mod will be updated. I don't know how much time creating a mod consumes, don't anything of modding, that's why I ask, I would have no problem playing on an older version, but it's always more intersting to play updated games, but if it's not going to happen, I know I need to make my modpack for 1.2 I realy want to play this mod, but I also know patience! Thx, Plegeus o7