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  1. Rovers, especially when used on low gravity planets, can flip easily. To prevent this from destroying you rover, build a roll cage out of landing gear. This can be stowed away when not airborne and will save your rover.
  2. kittenshark134

    Your First KSP Image (When did you take it)

    Airplane Plus adds some 2.5 meter parts, but maybe you knew that.
  3. kittenshark134

    A mod idea/request

    Has anyone thought about procedural armor for BDA? Normal BDA armor is difficult to use and procedural armor would be awesome.
  4. @exbyde I have fixed the F-19-D and updated the KerbalX page. Rerooting to the fuel tank fixed the problem.
  5. Here's a fighter I made that recently fought in (and won an episode of) Tape's Fighter Jet Showdown.
  6. kittenshark134

    The Modern Fighter Jet Challenge

    Here's my fighter: It has 4 ECM jammers in the fuselage, feel free to remove some if this is too many. Also, sorry for incomplete KerbalX page, I will add some pictures later.
  7. kittenshark134

    The Stock Weapons Challenge

    I did get the wrong link didn't I... Thanks for the help!
  8. kittenshark134

    The Stock Weapons Challenge

    Here's my stock (hands-off!) guided missile. Air-to-air or air-to-ground, full write-up is on the KerbalX page. It can hit targets using only SAS target lock.