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  1. now that makes sense. thanks for walking me thru that. i wasn't aware u could only transmit an experiment once, even if on a different vessel.
  2. thats what i was trying to explain. the science is there. it just won't transmit.
  3. if I already did this experiment, why would it collect valueless data? and I'm not talking about mits. This is showing me clearly that i have received science credit for this experiment. I don't know how else to say it. any other time my science modules have data in them, I get credit for the data when I land or transmit. KSP doesn't give credit for useless science. when i hit open space above kerbin and scienced barometric pressure, it would say science for blah blah, "Its crazy that a vacuum has no barometric pressure!". yeah and the next time that happened I got nothing bc the experiment was already done! I get that. this aint that. i have never scienced the science module from around the Mun so I know that aint it. It's literally showing me I have never done this experiment before! I appreciate y'all responding, but this is not a problem of having al;ready cscienced something before. i figured that out on day one. so Imgur is weird. I signed up, up;loaded these images and it seems to not want to post anything to the forum when I hit "Insert other media". dum trying to sign up for imgur.
  4. I keep trying to add images, but maybe because I'm new to the board I can't? But to respond to bewing and reactor, I have batteries and solar panels and I've checked the power and all good there, I stacked four of the level 3 antennae, so no problem there. I have a level 2 transmit facility, I am in direct view of kerbin, the experiment is new and has not been collected before because when i click on the science storage unit it displays "science data from around the moon: 46.3" or whatever. so i know the data is there or it wouldn't display. Usually when you have some data you can click on the unit and it shows the amount and the transmission percentage. I have the data right there, but 0 transmission percentage. Its an unmanned probe, but i know thats not the problem bc i have another manned probe in kerbal orbit around kerbol and it also will not transmit. I have checked the guides on line and its telling me that satellite power i have should get me at least as far as I am currently (my manned probe is not far advanced in its orbit from kerbin). I dunno. This is getting to be frustrating bc I can't advance my tech any further bc I have run out of most of my kerbin based science.
  5. Nice. Too bad I had to just let jeb circle the sun and forge ahead. Ha ha. Im sure theres a different file path on mac, but ill keep that in mind. Thanks for the help.
  6. Put a satellite into Mun orbit. Science a bunch of brand new data. Got full satellite connevtion, got plenty of battery, pull up "review data" look at transmit - 0%, save game, try it anyway "aborting transmission". Nothing in the game documentation. Need to upgrade satellite facility?
  7. well, I figured that out pretty quick so I always over-ride the autosave (persistent) by doing my own back up save under my own label, so that I am not forced to use persistent in case I'm in an irreversible situation. now if i want to revert to my old save if I burn up or whatever, cool, I have it. However, i have noticed some times that when i save something and log out or leave the game and come back, it seems to autosave over my own save and i cannot revert to the old save. Thats what happened in this case. Now, if the game is saving over my own files...? well thats different, and seemingly counterproductive.
  8. I completed a mission, landed it, recovered it, bought some new tech., saved that game (with the pre-tech purchase game saved in a separate spot), launched a new mission with Jeb, laptop died, had something to do, came back later opened the saved game and wow, that flight is still in the air after I reloaded my saved game with the new tech which was prior to launching that flight! jets now flying outta orbit and i can't get him back. Why does the game save like this? I do not understand the rules - if i did i couldn't gripe, cuz, well, gems da rules, but bc I totally cannot get it seems an aspect of the game thats utterly unfair.