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  1. That gravity doesn't have to be very high. You could make it basically nothing. But even nothing would still get a capture if it had infinite Soi. But as for finding it, it'd still be between two stars, which would take hundreds of years to get to. So spending that time finding a gravitational center wouldn't be all that big. You get two stars, in exchange you can go visit a fake center if you want.
  2. Well. I've been coding for a few years and maybe I'm missing something, but could a ghost center work? To explain you'd create a single spot, it could be as small as 1x1 kilometers, but I mean you could make it just 1x1 METERS. Then, you could either make it all black, or invisible. Either way, it's pretty remote anyone will ever find it. Next, you set its gravity insanely high. It's virtual. You can falsify it. The game doesn't care if it's just 1x1 meters, it just cares what number you put in the variable. So now, effectively you have a gravitational "center" that nobody can see. You put two stars into orbit around this little guy(DO MATH so that they align with the center at all times of orbit), and you simply extend it's effective gravitational pull to that of Kerbol or something like that. So now you have two stars, orbiting a single gravitational center. Now when you "escape" a star, then actually you just escaped a star-sized planet with many "moons" and those moons would be "planets" and the planets could have "moons." Basically, do a lot of embedding and messing around with unrealistic variables. Now. I know this wouldn't be really accurate because, in reality, the gravitational center would wobble, but it's a game. I could only change so much. Now this is all based off of a few assumptions. 1: Planets use variables. If they don't, then that'd be insanely inefficient for the coding. SO they probably do. 2: Moons can have moons. It's possible they can't, but if I can read the code long enough I could probably imbed it.
  3. I spent a VERY long time sending many probes to duna for a new career. When I get there, I start sending the first one to get into an orbit for a contract. I literally could not do it no matter how hard I tried because for the orbit they wanted, I'd get captured at 4 different points by ike. Then the second one had the same problem. And then a third. Which meant inside of a NEW career, I had spent 900k on three interplanetary missions that were all ruined by a single moon that captured me no matter how hard I tried to avoid it. I was even at a 180 degree angle with it when I made the syncronized orbit, but within 10 seconds it had calculated another capture because I'm going counter orbit to ike. UGHHHHH
  4. Congratulations. How did you get a perfect 100,000 orbit? RCS thrusters?
  5. Started a new career, naming the missions after the periodic table(inspired from the space program story). This is my first really career where I know what I'm doing. My first career, it was on easy, didn't get a ship into orbit well into 70 launches.
  6. Eh, that wouldn't be a fair representation either. Mine has 800. Which would mean it beat yours, but can still be cheated. How should I score this?
  7. That's a good point.......... What's the ISP of those rockets?
  8. Sure. But I think 1 ton is a bit unrealistic.
  9. Hello guys. Today, I am presenting a new challenge. The Alpha Delta Challenge. I see spaceships with huge amounts of delta-V, but with 4 hour long burns just to escape orbit. I find that ridiculous. So. I have a new challenge to present. Come up with the ship with the highest Delta-V with the Highest TWR you can obtain. Your score will be: Delta-V * TWR ^ 1/4 Enjoy guys. A screenshot must be taken with the ship IN ORBIT with Kerbal engineer telling you how much delta-V you have and how much TWR along with ISP Also, have your apoapsis height and periapsis height on the screen too so I can confirm you're in orbit. Weight Classes: Below 5 tons: Below 20 tons: Below 50 tons: Below 200 tons: αΔ = 38988 @Teilnehmer Unlimited: 1st:
  10. It appears we've started our own ultimate challenge. Design the most effective way to get on and off of eve.
  11. Game time. Warp counts. Return to Kerbin* I'll fix that, so when you look at it again that's why it's changed. Yes, they have to be from different biomes.
  12. I have not completed it yet but I've been trying inside of career mode, without everything that's available. So I guess this challenge won't be done until I do it, so give me a little while to do it. Thank you. Other then that, it meets all the rules.
  13. The moment you realize all you need to get the first lander that will be part of the mother ship into orbit was a twin boar engine... I've never used the twin boar engine before so I figured I'd quickly test it before building a MULTI STAGE PAYLOAD ROCKET to get this Duna lander into orbit so it could be docked with. I figured it'd get to 20k feet and then I'd just revert. 5 minutes later I'm sitting there looking at it floating around in orbit. Screw this I'm done. BTW I used the landers engines to get it to finish the orbit.
  14. Hello guys. For this challenge, I want to see which of you can make a lander that can collect 10 different surface samples from the Mun. Who ever can do it the fastest wins. Rule 1: It has to be a single rocket. No docking in orbit unless you launch both parts up in the same rocket(basically, built entirely in the VAB) Rule 2: Stock game only. Rule 3: You have to return to Kerbin. Rule 4: No debug mode. Rule 5: Samples must make it back to Kerbin too. Time will be measured through game time, not play time. Each sample must be from different biomes. Remember, there's 17 different biomes to choose from. Including the poles. Good luck guys.
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