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  1. Thank you, i think i have only put a few hours into the game i may be wrong i don't know though, it says on steam i have played 301 hours but my 2 other brothers have played this a lot before i did so i probably only put around 2 or 3 of those hours in or maybe higher i don't know. Yeah yesterday i played ksp and i learned how to use gravity assists Wait isn't duna mars?
  2. Nice, Im bad at the game so i can only really make it to the planets closest to me right now, That's really good, since im not to good at the game i cant make it to a lot right now.
  3. What planets have you made it to yet? i have made it to the mun, minmus, and duna. I landed at Eve! yey... Man i suck at this game...
  4. I went to Duna. I also crashed into duna...oops....
  5. While i was flying a rocket i held A to long and started spinning for a long time until i crashed into kerbin.
  6. So from what i can see its how much speed your ship can go i don't know.
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