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  1. ISRU in KSP is the key to win lot of money without cheating. I send some rovers and 2M / month
  2. This display the Demolish button for me. I clicked, then upgraded again to level 3. Many thanks bro!
  3. Hi, I destroyed my launchpad (again) some days ago. Forgot the clamps. I continued without repair it my carrer activities during weeks. Lot of probes to orbit and RSS missions are slow and tricky. Today, I discover I cant repair it anymore: The button to do it is no more display in the popin. So I made a quick check in the persistent file and in the wiki to hack the launchpad status, without success. Do you know where is the data to change? Thanks for your support Sylvain
  4. HyperEdit is nice for testing only. You can orbit it in one part by fixing 4 huge boosters to the ion motor and that's all. Nuclear engine, like Kerbenstein, could help a lot. More easy, orbit it empty and send O2, H2O, N2, Xe... later. Or split it in 2 part and merge them in orbit. Nothing difficult
  5. Wow ! Awesome Is it possible in future release to be compatible with Kerbalism? Habitat, cupola, harvester, comm,... It will avoid to add generic parts to this gorgeous ship to expand time before aboard Kerbal become crazy.
  6. Hi I have the same problem. And the ship is controlling right. KSP 1.3.1 and MechJeb2 on MacOSX, throw Steam