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  1. For me, it's Kerbal Engineer Redux, with [X] Science continued a very close second. KER just offers a much better set of data IMO, and has the ability to put it all on the screen without having to click to get to different pieces. I play a lot of in Career and Science mode, so [X] Science comes in real handy when trying to gather science points quickly, rather than having to click every individual experiment to get the points. Now that I finally bought a much beefier laptop, I'll probably get around to trying some of the Realism Overhaul type of mods at some point this year.
  2. Had my first attempt at trying to do an EVA build on a planet. It did not go well. AT. ALL. 2 big things I noticed: Toggle snap does not appear to work. By default, snap is off (shows the circle) but building still "snaps." This is even more noticeable when attempting to have the Engineer use the Move Tool to adjust a part location. Whether the circle or the hexagon is showing, it is attempting to snap to parts when building or adjusting. Parts are not attaching correctly. I've trying to build a simple rover. I've placed a Rovemate down, and I am trying to attach an M1-F wh
  3. I had the same problem with chutes not opening when I loaded 1.11.0 for the first time. Was completely stumped but then, I noticed the Min Pressure value on the chutes. In 1.11.0, it appears the minimum pressure value is set to 0.04 by default. I'm not sure what the default was in 1.10.0 and below (I think 0.1), but I adjusted the Min Pressure value on the property of any chute placed on a craft to 0.1, and I never had the problem again. So maybe the default Min Pressure value on the chutes changed in 1.11.0?
  4. Here's the bug report I created: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26961 Hope it gets some upvotes, because most of my craft use the MK1-3 pod, and with this bug, the game isn't very playable for me...seeing that even if you can complete your mission without saving, there is no way to get back to the game and you have to kill the process. Going to test with RCS enabled and see if that makes a difference. Also going to test on my old laptop, to see if it is something with higher graphics setting or different graphics card in my new laptop.
  5. Thanks for the suggestion. I've removed the 2 mods I have and I am still able to reproduce the issue. To me, it does appear to be directly related to the RCS thrusters on the MK1-3 Command Pod appearing as though they are active. When landed on the Mun, I was able to save. When attempting to rendezvous with the MK1-3 craft, I was able to save when I had an intercept but was not within visual range of the craft. As soon as I got into visual range, where I could see RCS thrusters visually looking like they are in use, I could no longer save the game. Tried clear input locks, which did not
  6. I bought a new laptop this week that has a NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card (big improvement from the Intel Graphics chip in old laptop). I loaded Steam and KSP on the new laptop. For the most part everything has been running fine, however, I have run into 2 issues, and I'm not sure if they are related. I am unable to Save the game during a mission. When I press Escape, it brings up the menu to Save/Load/Resume etc. I can press Save, and type in a Savegame name, but when I press enter, nothing happens and the game appears to freeze. It never saves no matter how long I let it si
  7. I purchased a new laptop today, and after loading Steam and installing KSP, I am no longer seeing all of my maneuver node settings on the lower-right corner of the NavBall. There used to be 3 settings: Node in T (which I am seeing) Burn Time (which I am seeing) Start Burn (or something similar, as I am no longer seeing this). The Start Burn was always there for me, and would indicate when you needed to start burning your engines to reach the desired node (typically sooner than Node in T if you have underpowered engines or a very long burn). Is there a setting that m
  8. Today I played KSP for the first time. OK....not really, however, for the last 3-4 years of my KSP experience, I have been using a 6-8 year old laptop that only had an Intel graphics card in it. So I finally decided that I was going to buy out myself a new laptop with a decent graphics card (since the wife and kids all have gotten new laptops in the past 2 years, I figured it was my turn). Since loading up 1.11, even with my graphics settings turned down very low on the old laptop, the game was really starting to lag and become unplayable. Even something as simple as docking two small craf
  9. Anyone seeing issues with parachutes not working? I decided to start a new career game with 1.11, and doing the very first build, my parachutes will not engage. MK1 Command Pod MK16 parachute Flea booster The simple build everyone uses as their first craft. Fire the solid booster, arm the chute stage (which shows blue), but it never engages automatically. It appears that the default Min Pressure value has been set too low.
  10. Note to self...accidentally installing your lander can upside down is not an enjoyable time.
  11. Hadn't played much in the past few months, but over the past 2 weeks, I've really got back into playing, with the goal of developing a craft that can get me to most places in the stock game. For having played this game for 4-5 years, I've still never been to most of the planets. I always spend the few hours a day/week I have playing KSP trying to build something, only to have it fail, and my available time is up. So, last week I built a craft with about 9500 dV that should be able to get me to every planet/moon except for Eve, Jool, Laythe, and Tylo. I built one version with a detachab
  12. Jeb: Did I not do a fantastic job on my last mission? Gene: Outstanding. Couldn't have asked for any better. You were tremendous. Jeb: Then why do you hate me so much? Gene: I don't understand? What do you mean, Jeb? Jeb: What day is it today? Gene: Oh my gosh. I'm so sorry, Jeb. Take everyone out to the runway. I'll have Bill bring it out. Jeb: Thanks Gene. Jeb: Gene, these damn rabbit ears just aren't cutting it. Gene: Sorry, Jeb. I'm on it... Jeb: This is much better. Thanks Gene! Gene:
  13. Built a new rover and had the Kerbalbots deliver to Minmus surface for a later mission. Had a weird glitch where the small scan arm on the rover (which was attached to the top of the rocket) was "supposedly" blocking the sunlight from the solar panels on the rocket. I could see one panel had a shadow on it, but the other panel was completely fine and still claiming to be blocked and unable to draw power. This led to a few extra orbits around Kerbal before the light of Kerbol finally recharged some batteries, and I was able to land the craft on Minmus. Jeb came up with the swell idea to
  14. I just finished a mission in my new Science Career that will forever be affectionately known as "The Skip Mission." Jeb, Bill, and Bob had issues getting to orbit, as their chief engineer forgot to add control fins to their G5 rocket, causing an uncontrolled spin on the way to orbit. The mission continued on to the Mun with a very successful gathering of a large amount of science data, however, the excess fuel used reaching LKO would could back to haunt the crew on their return. After leaving the Mun and setting a course for home, it was apparent fuel would be tight to make a successful
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