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  1. Thanks. I appreciate the help. I found this thread when looking for help, so I did not read through all of it. Wasn't aware newer versions were not on CKAN. Downloaded the latest version from Github and added the dependency. Seems to be loading fine now. Thanks again.
  2. Posted the output in the spoiler section below: [removed by moderators]
  3. I was curious if anyone else was seeing issues with [x] Science Continued since the release of 1.11.2? Here is what I am seeing on my end. Running KSP 1.11.2, with only KER and [x] Science mods, within 5 seconds of starting KSP, Unity crashes and the game doesn't load. I go into CKAN, uninstall [x] Science. I again attempt to launch KSP 1.11.2, and it loads without issue. I'll get to the menu screen, and quit KSP. I go back into CKAN, and re-install [x] Science. I again launch KSP 1.11.2, and this time it loads, but I do see an error message (will include be
  4. Thanks. There have been multiple suggestions, but I might have missed this one. Will have to give it a try.
  5. Nothing. Today in KSP I have done absolutely nothing. Just like last week, the week before, all of February and most of January. I have had to stop playing due to Bug26961, which continues to sit idle with more users reporting the problem and no progress on a fix in months.
  6. I have never used MechJeb. In fact, even though I initially posted this in the modded section, I have been able to reproduce the issue with no mods installed as well. My typical mod setup is very light, with just KER, [x] Science, and Kerbal Alarm Clock.
  7. I just loaded up the game for the first time in 2 and a half months, I am up to date on 1.11.1, and the issue still occurs. I can reproduce it 100% of the time, and there are almost 20 people that have responded to the bug report citing the same issue. My only question for you would be, when you have used the Mk1-3 pod on your missions, do you leave the Mk1-3 in orbit, or are you always in that command pod the entire mission. The issue for me is 100% reproducible if I leave the Mk1-3 in orbit as my return vessel, and land on a surface with a lander pod, and come back. Actually, you don
  8. Curious if any mods or dev can comment further on this. I would have thought that this issue would be a much higher priority. It is currently set to low, and it doesn't appear that any work has been done on this since I reported the issue over 2 months ago. I've tried adding comments to the bug report, and I see more and more users adding comments that they are seeing the issue. I tested this out when the 1.11.1 release came out, and it wasn't fixed. Other than that test, I haven't been able to play the game because of this bug. I mean, obviously I can build craft without this part,
  9. For me, it's Kerbal Engineer Redux, with [X] Science continued a very close second. KER just offers a much better set of data IMO, and has the ability to put it all on the screen without having to click to get to different pieces. I play a lot of in Career and Science mode, so [X] Science comes in real handy when trying to gather science points quickly, rather than having to click every individual experiment to get the points. Now that I finally bought a much beefier laptop, I'll probably get around to trying some of the Realism Overhaul type of mods at some point this year.
  10. Had my first attempt at trying to do an EVA build on a planet. It did not go well. AT. ALL. 2 big things I noticed: Toggle snap does not appear to work. By default, snap is off (shows the circle) but building still "snaps." This is even more noticeable when attempting to have the Engineer use the Move Tool to adjust a part location. Whether the circle or the hexagon is showing, it is attempting to snap to parts when building or adjusting. Parts are not attaching correctly. I've trying to build a simple rover. I've placed a Rovemate down, and I am trying to attach an M1-F wh
  11. I had the same problem with chutes not opening when I loaded 1.11.0 for the first time. Was completely stumped but then, I noticed the Min Pressure value on the chutes. In 1.11.0, it appears the minimum pressure value is set to 0.04 by default. I'm not sure what the default was in 1.10.0 and below (I think 0.1), but I adjusted the Min Pressure value on the property of any chute placed on a craft to 0.1, and I never had the problem again. So maybe the default Min Pressure value on the chutes changed in 1.11.0?
  12. Here's the bug report I created: https://bugs.kerbalspaceprogram.com/issues/26961 Hope it gets some upvotes, because most of my craft use the MK1-3 pod, and with this bug, the game isn't very playable for me...seeing that even if you can complete your mission without saving, there is no way to get back to the game and you have to kill the process. Going to test with RCS enabled and see if that makes a difference. Also going to test on my old laptop, to see if it is something with higher graphics setting or different graphics card in my new laptop.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion. I've removed the 2 mods I have and I am still able to reproduce the issue. To me, it does appear to be directly related to the RCS thrusters on the MK1-3 Command Pod appearing as though they are active. When landed on the Mun, I was able to save. When attempting to rendezvous with the MK1-3 craft, I was able to save when I had an intercept but was not within visual range of the craft. As soon as I got into visual range, where I could see RCS thrusters visually looking like they are in use, I could no longer save the game. Tried clear input locks, which did not
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