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  1. Nothing exciting. Just redesigned my main satellites to use an Ion engine. With a single Ion Engine, a 5700 unit Xenon tank, a 2-4K in batteries, I can get about 10,000 dV for the satellite. Plenty of dV for adjusting orbit if needed, or reducing orbit to send the satellite into Kerbin atmosphere to burn up on re-entry. Not sure why I never did this in the past. Most times I just attached a small lf/ox tank and a terrier engine, but I find this much more compact and efficient.
  2. Are you able to post a screenshot or short video clip of what you are seeing?
  3. Do you mean that it is so heavy it rotates too slowly, or does it actually break apart if you try and rotate it? What I would probably try is to add new docking ports to the ends of the large station. docking port remote guidance small fuel tank RCS and/or small Lf engines large reaction wheel. I'd build two of these, put them on each end, and see if that helps the large station rotate any faster. Then ships would just dock to these new modules. Just a thought/suggestion.
  4. As the original poster of one of the threads @Gargamel referenced, I can tell you it does take practice, and after you get the hang of it, using the stock NavBall, to me, is the easiest method. I no longer use any docking mods. I don't even the stock docking mode. I just use targeting nodes in the NavBall and the prograde/retrograde nodes in the NavBall. Using both of those, I am able to get my ships slowed down or to a complete stop, and aligned. Things become a lot simpler, IMO, if you can get the craft you are docking to a complete stop. Get it within 50-100m of the target. From that point, switch to the craft/station you are trying to dock to. So let's say you want to dock CraftB with StationA. Get CraftB stopped within 50-100m of StationA. From CraftB, choose the docking port on StationA that you want to dock with, and then set that as the Target. Use NavBall Target node, RCS and SAS to hone in on that docking port. Switch to StationA, and from StationA, select the docking port on CraftB that you want to dock with. Then select the Target node on the NavBall, and wait until StationA is on the Target Node. Switch back to CraftB. Both craft should be lined up with each other and at the correct angle at this point. Turn on RCS, use thrusters to slowly advance. Assuming your RCS thrusters aren't pushing you off target, you should be able to keep moving towards StationA at around .3m/s, and drop down to .1 or .2 m/s as you get really close. Too fast, and you'll bounce off the docking port. Use RCS and SAS together to stay on target. Again, as the poster that posted one of those threads asking for still takes time. Learn to get the craft in the same orbit, an intersection point as close as possible with as low as speed as possible. It still took me some time to get it, but the above method seems to work best for me. There are even times where I can have a close intercept, but speed is way too fast. I've learned how to use retrograde to quickly slow the craft down to a suitable approach speed. Big help, and helps eliminate that "always chasing the other craft" effect. Hope this helps.
  5. To me, it seems like all science parts are more susceptible to overheating. My heat shield isn't failing....the science junior it is attached to is. Literally the slightest deviation from dead center retrograde and the science junior starts overheating. I mean, it does make some sense that science experiments would overheat and would need to be put in a service module, but, a science junior....that won't work. Oh well, it's playable now so I'll just go with it.
  6. Thanks. I'm going to re-test the same craft file in Sandbox and see if that makes any difference. I also re-verified files and found 6 files that failed to verify. Hoping that is it. I'm not sure if the actual changes are published, like, in 1.8.0 look in X file and X setting was this value, and now it should be Y value in 1.8.1. MOAR TESTING.....
  7. Curious as to anyone else's experience with 1.8.1 with this issue. I just finished some game time, starting a new career save in 1.8.1, and, while I see an improvement over the 1.8.0 drag/heating issues, it's still not back to pre 1.8.0 levels. Simple, early mission I did in the brand new career: MK1 Command Pod MK16 Chute attached to Command pod 4 Mystery Goo, 4 Barometers, and 4 2HOT Thermometers attached to the command pod A science junior 2 MK2 radial parachutes attached to the science junior A 1.25m Heat Shield This was my entire craft re-entering Kerbin atmosphere. I did not achieve full orbit. My max speed under 70km was 2003m/s, yet, the heat shield failed, the science junior exploded, and all the external attached experiments blew up as well. The only thing that didn't overheat and explode was the MK1 Pod and MK16 chute. Pre-1.8, I could come in with a craft 2-3 times as heavy, as fast as 3000-3300 m/s hitting the atmosphere and still have all the parts of the craft survive.
  8. So, is there any decent workaround for this until an official fix is released? I saw something about editing a .cfg file, but, it didn't seem certain of what value to adjust, and whether that was a true "pre-1.8" value or just a drastic swing at correcting it. Would really like to play some KSP this week, but, as a few others have said, I find it rather unplayable as it currently is.
  9. I don't have any fancy stats on drag, heating, dynamics, etc.....but.... I started a new career after the MOAR Boosters upgrade, and, in a simple craft, first run of getting to orbit of Kerbin and de-orbitting, the following occurred at a normal re-rentry angle at around 2400m/s and decellerating: Re-entry consisted of a heat shield, science junior, two chutes on either side of the science junior, a MK1 command pod, 8 goo containers, 6 pressure sensors, 6 thermometers, and a MK16 chute. Re-entry heating exploded all objects except for the MK16 chute and the MK1 command pod. The heat shield didn't actually explode. It was attached to the science junior, yet, the science junior still exploded, and the heat shield was aerodynamically stuck to the MK1 chute. Without that, I believe the MK1 would have likely exploded. In previous versions, that entire craft should have survived with easy, with nothing being destroyed by heating factors. I'd say there is a definite problem with heating after the update.
  10. I think a lot of non-advanced players would probably like to have the career mode, rather than create their own story or have to search for user-created ones to use. My biggest problem I have with the game today when playing sandbox is, anything science related is worthless for me to build unless I just want it to sit in space/on a planet and look pretty. Same thing with reputation being worthless. I'd rather see them do away with funds/science/reputation, and then come up with a points/scoring system for doing Science experiments or completing Contracts. In a Progression mode, the more Points you earn, the more of the tech tree you unlock. In a Sandbox mode, you have all your parts, experiments, etc unlocked. You can do whatever you want to do in Sandbox just like today, but, you can also try to earn as many Points in Sandbox as possible. It isn't for unlocking Tech Tree or anything, but, maybe there is a leaderboard to see who has earned the most points in a save. Point values increase with harder tasks, harder contracts, and the further you get away from Kerbin. Just my .02 funds.
  11. Even though I've had the game for several years, both PC and Xbox/Xbox One versions, I still consider myself a relative newbie. Out of 16 planets/moons in the default Kerbal Solar System, I've never been to half of them still. A few of them I've done a unmanned flyby, and even less have I ever landed a Kerbal on. For the longest time, Kerbin, Mun, and Minmus were the only places I would visit. I stayed away from mods for as long as I could, and tend to use as little mods as I really need. The main ones I use: KER - even though newer KSP updates have added the dV values, I still like the information and layout of KER. [x] Science - If you are playing Career or Science modes, this one helps gather science without having to click on all the science experiments indvidually. RCS Build Aid - When you start doing bases, labs, etc where you need to dock and use RCS, this is handy to make sure your RCS thrusters are moving your vessel appropriately and not making it drift/push to a specific Docking Port Alignment - I had a lot of issues docking, and found this tool valuable. I no longer use, as many experienced players have said, learning how to use the NavBall is the best thing you can do to get docking down pat. Alarm Clock - I don't have it loaded right now. If you are going to do a lot of missions to other planets, it can come in handy. I've never tried Mechjeb. I've tried to avoid it since it seems to do a lot of the "challenging aspects" for you.
  12. Playing one of my Science mode games, I had sent Jeb, Bob, and Bill to Duna. Down to the surface with a small lander, pickup some more science, back up to redock with main ship, transfer science, jettison lander, and outta Duna SOI......and, outta fuel. Modified a craft for Val, ditching the lander and adding more fuel tanks to hopefully transfer fuel to Jeb and crew, and get both ships back to Kerbin. WRONG. Val got a little impatient, didn't wait for a proper transfer/intercept, and burned way more fuel than she should have. She had enough fuel to improve the orbit to be closer to Kerbin, but still no rendevous. Meclan Kerman to the rescue. Meclan has patience in spades, in didn't mind waiting some 200 days in orbit for the most fuel efficient transfer/intercept to come along. Got Meclan within 10m of Jeb/Val linked ship, sent Val on a spacewalk to Meclan's vessel, undocked and ditched Val's vessel, and Meclan cleanly docked with Jeb ship. Again, the ever patient Meclan waited for the ideal transfer window to intercept Kebin at about 80km periapsis. Set my orbit to below 70km, and had 33m/s delta-V left to spare. Separated the vessels down to two MK 1-3 pods connected by Clam-O-Tron Docking Ports, and a bunch of chutes for landing. Mission accomplished.
  13. You Sir @XLjedi are my hero. I briefly skimmed through the document and can tell that this is the EXACT type of information I need......KSP Propellors and Rotors for Dummies. Can't wait to get home and give this a more thorough read through and build some prop stuff. Thank you very much for your time and effort on this document!
  14. Glad to hear it. Unfortunately, that doesn't help me get any further in the game. A training mission, a guide on the relationship between tourque, rpm, authority limit, deploy/undeploy, mapping yaw/roll/pitch, etc, etc isn't really too much to ask for though. Spent another 2 hours playing with it after my post. 3t craft with single propeller....fastest I could get it to go was 11 m/s, with a lot of unwanted side movement.