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  1. Today I finally cleaned up the rest of my mess. The first Ohana arrived at Eve and hauled Eridin back to Tiger's Eye station without a problem. That little speck under the sun is the Ohana, floating off in the distance since it's no longer needed and, having no traditional docking port, awkward to keep attached to the station. Shortly afterwards, the second Ohana arrived at Dres. Good lord, what a mess. Pretty much everything was almost out of fuel, except the converter, which as you may remember, used up all its fuel and had to ditch the engine and push itself the rest o
  2. So I think at this point we can conclude that everybody has their own style of docking - try out a lot of methods and stick to whatever feels best for you.
  3. I'm going to assume you know how to rendezvous to within a kilometer. Here is how I dock. It is probably not the best way, but it works for me: When constructing the ship, temporarily remove all the parts that won't be there during docking (e.g. ascent stages, etc). Turn on the center of gravity marker. Place the multi-directional RCS ports in triangle or square configuration at both ends of the ship, at equal distance from the center of gravity! This is what ensures that you can actually use your RCS to move without spinning. Rendezvous with target to within 1 km (I generally aim
  4. I love how, given any sandbox or open world game, players will inevitably use it for something completely different than the original theme. I took a fantasy game about slaying dragons and turned it into an interior decorating sim. You've taken a game about space exploration and turned it into a car-building sim.
  5. Is it bad that my first thought on seeing this was this old thing? As for what I did today, let's begin with a recap, since I, as always, had altogether too many irons in the fire: I was on a science binge on the Mun using a lander-orbiter combo Another Ruby mission was on its way to Duna to pick up a stranded Kerbal Wrong-Way Eridin in the Tiger's Eye Mining Lander was stuck in orbit around Eve and unable to reach Gilly The whole Dres mission was a hot mess I designed the vacuum-faring parts of a high-delta-v rescue craft called Ohana 1 I sta
  6. (Also ostriches don't actually put their heads in the sand, just for the record. It's just a myth.)
  7. So, this is actually today and yesterday, since I didn't get to post last night. As you may recall, while waiting for a launch window to send rescue tugs to Dres and Eve, I've been trying to finish off my Mun checklist. My first attempt at a reusable lander didn't go so well, partly because it was unstable and partly because it couldn't generate Crew Reports. Well, I launched a second, updated attempt with a more traditionally-designed lander. With a can. One of the kerbals from the last mission (a pilot named Bardard) got to go on this one too, but the other two are on the ground. A
  8. I'm probably in the minority of minorities but I'd probably not like that, considering how much the same effect used to bug me when playing World of Warcraft - the music would stop and then I'd get this nagging sense that something was missing until I figured out what it was. Incidentally, world of Warcraft has a "loop music continuously?" switch in the settings. This, I would support. Options are always good. Although, I could also get behind adding more tracks, since the same one over and over can get obnoxious - this was my main gripe with Elder Scrolls Online compared to W
  9. This is not the first time I've been told I don't exist... But as a generic playlist recommendation, the Fiechter brothers make some great music and they compile them into hour-long themed reels.
  10. You've gone beyond the Shadow Realm. You have looked into the Abyss, and the Abyss looked back into you. No, see, you don't understand. I'm really bad at navigation. This, although in my case it's not that I forgot RCS, but rather that I didn't pack enough monoprop and ran out. Granted, it took my first 4 weeks of KSP to learn how to rendezvous and dock but now it's fairly routine. On the other hand, I was learning to rendezvous and dock in my first four weeks, when I was still figuring out orbiting... As for what I did today... In space... ... no o
  11. I considered it but I knew I wouldn't be able to find/recognize the mountain. I'm really bad at navigation.
  12. Uh... correct me if I'm wrong, but it sounds like your homework is to design the creature... and you want an artist to design the creature for you? That sounds... unethical.
  13. Neither Eve nor Dres are in good positions to launch for right now, so I took a break from designing my lorge rescue craft to build a smol unkerballed mun lander. It's so tiny and cute! There was one biome that I'd previously visited, before I'd unlocked all the science parts, so I already had the surface sample, etc. I had no reason to send a Kerbal back, so I built a tiny probe to land there and grab the missing science.
  14. Why doesn't that surprise me, given the expressions on their faces?
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