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  1. A couple of questions: There are no points for uncrewed landings ? (I don't mind, just asking) Do uncrewed ships have to return to Kerbin? What if I just shoot a probe core past Jool/Eeloo never to be seen again? The "Cross orbit" points, is that just for crossing the orbit or does it require a flyby (please, say flyby )?
  2. I agree. It was both more fun and harder than expected. Getting "moar boosters" for those chubby but powerful launches was fun challenge. The buggy SoI things were annoying but you just have to bring some extra fuel to handle all those unforeseen circumstances. @ralanboyle I noticed you managed to actually use the maneuver node planning thing several times to get intercepts (but not always). Did you notice some pattern to when it works or when it doesn't? I just gave up and ignored them.
  3. Sorry, I forgot about the number of launches. I checked the save file and there were 16 launches. I launched a couple of rockets multiple times without changing the name. The highest launchID is 16 anyway.
  4. And I'm done! Final part 4 here: https://imgur.com/a/16kycmk There was quite a bit of mission creep during planning. I had a sufficient trip planned to Eves upper atmo and Gilly but then the science department said it was such a shame not to land on Eve and get measurements from the surface. So, I designed a simple Eve drop down lander. But then the marketing department said it would be sooo much better publicity if we could fly around a bit instead. So, I made a small plane. But then engineering said it would be really great if we could use those new electric engines and show that p
  5. Jool and flyby of all moons is finished. I wasn't careful enough when setting up the Jool capture so getting into orbit cost a lot more than expected. I *may* have benefited from some 1G versus 2G weirdness during Laythe intercept. As can be seen from the at about 08:00, it was rather close to periapsis and I *think* the orbital energy should not have changed as much as it did. A quick and rough calculation suggests it changed the orbit by about 1500 dV which just seems a bit much but I am not sure. There was also another weird event when the orbit suddenly changed when the ship was clos
  6. Here's part two. Mostly going to Minmus and then testing a big Jool rocket. https://imgur.com/a/jjnTVmh This rocket took a test run to Minmus. I don't want any surprises when going to Jool. Who needs 5m parts? With a big heat shield and a small return craft, I can survive reentry speeds of about 7 km/s. That should be enough for Jool (I hope). The Jool trip is coming soon (I just have to get a better Kerbin encounter...)
  7. I just picked a couple of personal "goals" and collected science along the way. The only annoying thing was a tiny bit of contract mining to get enough cash to do it. I just went for Jool moon flybys which was a bit painful but also fun. It's like being a newbie again when all the rough estimates of how much maneuvers should cost are wrong. I'm currently trying to get a return to Kerbin intercept but I only have 300 m/s left so it has to be very good and slingshots won't do because of the 2g messing up maneuver node planning. That's an interesting bonus goal. What's the worst/best abus
  8. Oh, that explains it! That was exactly the issue I had when trying to leave the Mun. I had to go much faster than expected to leave the SoI or I would just "jump back" after a few seconds.
  9. Yes, I think the planets are "on rails" and not affected by the gravity change. I managed to get a Minmus encounter by using standard 1G Minmus orbital period but calculating my ships orbital period with 2G (using the caveman miss-and-hit method of first missing minmus and then adjusting the orbit to hit Minmus the next time). I haven't tried interplanetary yet but guess the same is true there. An interesting experiment would be to match the Muns orbit perfectly and then just watch what happens. I think your protractor version for hitting Eve should have worked. Eve is very hard to hit t
  10. @EveMaster The main concern was falling off the ladder during descent. Heat is a concern as well of course but the Kerbal is a bit shielded behind the craft and could perhaps be well protected if you design for it (or use propulsive braking). Not falling off was harder though. If he falls off, it gets really difficult to manage the plane and the Kerbal (and the Kraken) simultaneously. Landing separately just seemed like a simpler solution. That would certainly take the Caveman challenge to a new and utterly ridiculous level It would be awesome! Please do it.
  11. This was both harder and more fun than expected. You need a lot more power to get off the surface and the rockets get really tall and wobbly at first. I've only started but I've got a Mun orbit (with return) and a Mun landing (no return) so far. I can confirm the patched conics are unreliable. Sometimes it seems to be alright but sometimes it is way off and "jumpy". For example, after my first Mun orbit, I had trouble leaving the Mun. A couple of seconds after I left the Muns SoI, it suddenly switched back and I was in Mun orbit again. Here's my progress so far. I think this will tak
  12. Here are my contributions: 2xFOXTROT Launches https://imgur.com/a/NfgvDOH VICTOR KILO LIMA Setup https://imgur.com/a/btKYyBe LIMA - Laythe Landing and Rescue Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/uZsrkKi Video https://youtu.be/DV9TxOlBg2o
  13. Yes, but the fairing was longer back then. I don't know when it changed but it is much shorter now. Jeb had plenty of space back then. Worst worst case we send a rescue craft to Jool. With a bit of rule bending it might not be completely illegal since Jool 5 allows for one refuelling mission. There is/was an extra docking port on KILO so all we need is a tiny little ladder somewhere on the refuelling craft... Ladders are of course fuel since they "fuel" the ladder drives. Let's hope it doesn't get to that though.
  14. I tried to deploy the fairing but it didn't help. It seems it is the decoupler that is too close to the ladder. I have no idea what will happen once this enters the atmosphere but maybe Jeb can grab the ladder for those few hot seconds during reentry. I guess the good news is that this is another worlds first. I very much doubt anyone has ever tried to push a Kerbal from Jool to Kerbin...
  15. Quicksave/reload will fix that Jeb also has plenty of RCS fuel left so the catch and release maneuvers won't be too annoying. Since there's 4200 m/s left you also have a lot of options for hitting Kerbin and could perhaps even eyeball it. If not, I'd recommend the miss-and-hit method, where you don't even try to hit the first time, measure the time diff between when Kerbin passes Pe and when you pass Pe, then adjust your orbit to match Kerbins +- the time difference. It only requires a calcuation of the orbital period so it is doable in a spreadsheet. If no one else wants to, I don't min
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