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  1. I tried a Laythe landing and return with the space plane. As they say, tenth times a charm and it worked! Some caveats apply: 1. The first string of failures was due to this weird staging issue where SAS would turn off when staging the wings. This resulted in the rocket tumbling unti I could turn SAS on again. I "think" this happens when the probe core isn't "root" but I am not sure. The problem disappeared after I relaunched with a new plane where the probe core was root. This would be a real issue if it happened "live" but I am not sure what is causing it or how to make sure it doesn't happen. Sometimes I could regain control but sometimes the Kerbal would fall off. 2. I had 42 m/s left when reaching orbit which isn't much of a margin. I think it can be improved with more practice but I don't know by how much. From my Kerbin testing I thought I'd have 100-200m/s left so I may be doing something differently this time. Here's a video where I cut together the successful attempts: @Muetdhiver Right, so we get Jools params from the current time and starting position at epoch 0? Sounds OK to me. It sure sounds like we have enough to make it work then. Could you post your script once you're done with it? I've never tried pykep but it would be fun to try it and see how it works.
  2. Yes, this is the way to do it. Visually find the AN/DN node in the tracking station, intentionally miss Jool for the first orbit, get the exact time when Jool passes your Ap, get the exact time you pass the Ap and adjust the orbit to get a perfect hit after one Jool orbit. It works really well even for small bodies like Bop/Pol. Yes! Much more kickass! But, I assume you need some input parameters for Jools orbit and Jools current location in the orbit. You could measure the on-screen angle between your major axis and Jool using a protractor but I don't know how to compensate for the eccentricity of Jools orbit. Assuming a circular orbit might be good enough though.
  3. Wow, there's a lot to catch up with. @ManEatingApe GitHub is a great suggestion. Should be easier than dropbox. There's still an issue if two people try to do the same thing at the same time but we could just use the forum for coordination. @IncongruousGoat Nice work! It fits pretty well with what I remember. I remember having a preferred direction when letting go of the ladder and I think it was ladder facing radial out / Bob facing radial in. My main concern was ghosting into the ships body which can be really dangerous if you de-warp while inside. Drifting away seemed safest. With quicksave/reload, ghosting and explosions are less of a concern though. One of the reasons I pressed warp right after letting go was to make sure the orbit didn't change before going to the tracking station. If the Kerbal touched any part of the ship, the orbit changed drastically so I'd keep the area around the ladder clean. I never tested (or considered) if keeping the ladder close to the center of mass makes a difference but it is worth investigating. Having the ladder off center makes it a bit easier to catch the Kerbal though since you can move the ladder around the CoM. The Kerbals RCS fuel is a limited resource. I practiced catching the ladder without using any by moving the ship instead of the kerbal ("view" from the Kerbal while controlling the ship was easiest I think). For interplanetary, I learnt two important things. First, always check that Ap+Pe of the Kerbal equals Ap+Pe of the ship, preferably from the tracking station so the orbit does not change by accident. If Ap+Pe is the same for both, then the orbital period is the same and they will return to the same spot even years later. For interplanetary, there will be a diff in Ap+Pe but you can easily estimate the diff in km one orbit later. Second, always set the Kerbal as the "Target" of the ship by double clicking. Even if the Kerbal drifts more than 100km away, the Navball will show the direction. (From what I remember, 100km is the limit when you can't see him anymore). @ManEatingApe I'd suggest: 1 Kerbal only. You don't want to play catch with more than one. Jool 5 requires walking or swimming on the surface so no pod for Vall, Bop, Pol. I'd suggest no pod at all since we can only use it for the return flight anyway. @Muetdhiver's Kerbal in a fairing looks cool and very light weight. For my Jool 5, I used Tylo for parking. I don't know if it is optimal but it seemed good enough. I don't think we want to park further in than Tylo since there is always a risk of hitting Tylo by accident (not much of a real risk thanks to quicksave/reload of course). If parking at Tylo, I'd suggest starting with Tylo, do Bop+Pol with one craft. Send the Laythe lander to Laythe (unmanned), do Vall, then Laythe and return to Tylo. The order of Bop+Pol and Vall+Laythe can be switched.
  4. Since it is a community effort it doesn't really fit within the rules of either Caveman or Jool-5 anyway so I personally don't mind if we relax the "no cheat menu, not even in sandbox" condition. It doesn't really change the difficulty since the tricky part is planning, building and flying the crafts with a Kerbal on a ladder. Also, I do remember that it was harder to keep Bob on the ladder around Mun than around Minmus for some mysterious reason (he kept drifting off). I guess there might be similar issues or worse around Tylo, Vall or Laythe so test flying the missions in place is advisable since the physics engine can cause unexpected behaviour not seen around other bodies. As for Funds and raising cash, I'm fine either way. It is not too much work but it is also not the important part. If someone wants to run through the missions it would be nice for the feeling of completion but it isn't necessary if no one wants to do it (I can't, at least not for the next week). By the way, what about "no copying of craft files"?
  5. Nice work everyone! I don't know if I can contribute much due to Real Life being in the way. The next 1.5 weeks are very busy and things will surely come up after that as well. But, I really like this challenge so we'll see if can't squeeze it in somehow. I've been testing a Laythe space plane and I kind of have something that might work. The plan would be to send Bob down in a badminton ball and then pick him up with the plane. I haven't tried the plane on Laythe yet since I actually remembered that rule about not using cheat menu to test crafts on foreign bodies for once (I did not remember it when testing the badminton ball). I can get the rocket up to ~70km and 1150 m/s on Kerbin which is pretty close so next thing would be to test it on Laythe. The plane weighs just 1.4 tons itself so more fuel could also be added. It is a two stage plane with a Juno Jet engine which helps with precision landing and also to bring the plane out of the lowest atmosphere. There are no wheels since it lands and takes off from water. Plan would be to land Bob on a beach and then land the plane in the water next to him. That bug @IncongruousGoat mentioned sounds very scary though. Jeb has no problem holding on during the plane flight but he did at first fall off during the rocket powered flight so I added a solar panel behind his back. I can't go full throttle but have to watch the drag to keep him from falling off. Here he is at almost 70km and almost 1200 m/s. Since Laythe has thinner atmosphere I'd guess this is pretty close to actually working. The next step is testing it with one more fuel tank and then send the whole thing to Laythe for some real practice. Oh, I just realised I've been designing with KER and stuff installed. Sorry... EDIT: I tested 3 fuel tanks in the rocket stage and got to 73 km and about 1800 m/s which should be enough for Laythe. I dropped Jeb a couple of times but with practice it should be doable. Next is flying to Laythe for proper testing.
  6. Yes! That would be a worthy challenge! Unfortunately, Real Life is still keeping me busy so I might just pass. I'm also not sure if I want to do the whole Bob-on-a-ladder thing again for so many landings. Sending Bob to Bop was tedious enough and this would require a lot more catch-and-release maneuvers. With Bob on a ladder, you really want to minimize the number of catch-and-releases. Still, it is a great idea and it would be a good reason to get back in the game. The comnet thing is a bit tricky. Easy difficulty has comnet disabled so it would be within the easy-caveman rules but not Jool-5. Alternatively, you could claim to do a a retro-caveman and use a KSP version <1.2 but I don't really see the difference to just turning comnet off and going rogue. As for Laythe, what about sending Bob down behind a radiator and then using that new and fancy parachute to land? You could then send a mini plane to pick him up. I haven't tried taking off on a ladder from Laythe but it shouldn't be worse than Kerbin. Here's a POC badminton ball made of radiators with a ladder behind. It does get hot but not extremely hot before the speed drops.
  7. I just researched that and found Gaupol which is simple, textbased and can "insert subtitles at current position" with a hotkey. But, it is for Linux so it may not suite you. While googling, I also found http://www.aegisub.org/ which supports advanced subs and seems popular among fansubbers. It hasn't been updated since 2014 and I haven't tried it but that was my next option if Gaupol hadn't played out. Your video editing program should then be able to add the subtitles to the video.
  8. Here's Discopollo, where I'm going to Dres for my last mision in Kerpollo. But, you can't just "go" to Dres, you must bring some fun! (and mood lighting) Album: https://imgur.com/a/Pf75WT8 Video: The party starts at 00:04:56 EDIT: Oh, yeah. Mods. No parts or physics just KER, KAC, Precise, BetterTimeWarp and All Y'All
  9. Dres is real!?!? Are you telling me the Kraken is real too? I am locking all doors and windows tonight... I had to check it out for myself so I read up on all the requirements for going to Dres and took off. My first attempt achieved orbit and a landing but was not accepted by Dres. The powered landing was deemed "conventional and boring" and the "mood wasn't right". I had to revert, change the landing tech and add some lights. After a lot of hard work, here it is: Mission 9 - Discopollo : Album: https://imgur.com/a/Pf75WT8 And a video, now with subtitles and variable speedup! 00:04:56 Landing 00:07:03 Disco
  10. Oh, that explains it. They added it back when the developers were young, idealistic and thought they had all the time in the world to implement the perfect game . It is funny that people would probably complain more about infinite flags (the weight!!!) than about Kerbals surviving for years in cold space without food or water.
  11. I just noticed that the timestamps I added on the YouTube description page (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=15yPY7rHw98) automatically links to the right place in the video. So, if you just want to watch the highlights, you can click the timestamp and go directly to the landings (You have to click "show more" to see the links). It's pretty neat really. I wish this forum had the same functionality.
  12. Oh really? The developers actually cared enough to add a flag counter to every Kerbal so they can only carry 1 flag? That is developing time well spent The exploding flag hypothesis makes kind of sense. The log says "Val" crashed into Tylo which probably was the name of the flag. The only mystery is why it happened at 8500m above Tylo and why the explosion started at the craft and "fell down". The flag must have been invisibly attached. I think an assassination by an evil twin makes more sense...
  13. Here's my Jool mission from Kerpollo which should be suitable for Jool 5 - Tier 1 I hope. It is: Chemical rockets only. No ISRU 499t on the launchpad (single launch). I overestimated the fuel requirements quite a lot. The Eve-Kerbin slingshot worked better than expected and the transfer from Tylo to Laythe was much cheaper than expected. Two Kerbals left Kerbin and two came back. Val may or may not have crashed into Tylo but someone calling herself Val came back to Kerbin so I hope that's fine... There was a mysterious explosion at about 3000m when leaving Tylo and the mission log said Val had crashed into Tylo. But... there was still someone calling herself Val sitting in the command chair. I chose to not ask any questions. There's a short album here: https://imgur.com/a/5hFnDM0 and a video at 8x speed. Here's a short index: 00:17:04 Parked at Tylo. Preparing landing 00:19:00 Val is replaced by evil impostor? 00:23:14 Returned to Tylo parking. Setting up the Laythe, Vall, Bop, Pol craft. 00:27:44 Laythe landing 00:30:31 Very nice Jool rising during ascent. 00:36:44 Vall landing 00:40:24 Bop landing 00:40:32 Jeb falls out of his seat when staging empty fuel tanks. 00:42:39 Vals impostor can't plant flags. 00:46:17 Pol landing. Still no flag... 00:51:59 Transfer to return ship at Tylo 00:54:57 Back at Kerbin. General info: Game version 1.6.1 (so the Wolfhound was nerfed). Mods: KER, KAC, Precise, BetterTimeWarp, All Y'All and most importantly Chatterer. Cost 192,840 bucks. No satellites, rovers etc. Just an orbiter and a lander to fullfil the requirements of Kerpollo. The dV cost from LKO to Tylo parking was 1039 for a Jool intercept orbit and 324 for parking. Total 1363 m/s from Kerbin to Tylo. Going from Tylo to Laythe cost about 200 m/s and not 1100 m/s like I had planned for...
  14. Mission 8 and Joollo is done! A short album is here: https://imgur.com/a/5hFnDM0 . Here's a teaser: and a long video (55 min at 8x so about 8 hours of gameplay). Here's a short index of events: 00:17:04 Parked at Tylo. Preparing landing 00:19:00 Val is replaced by evil impostor? 00:23:14 Returned to Tylo parking. Setting up the Laythe, Vall, Bop, Pol craft. 00:27:44 Laythe landing 00:30:31 Very nice Jool rising during ascent. 00:36:44 Vall landing 00:40:24 Bop landing 00:40:32 Jeb falls out of his seat when staging empty fuel tanks. 00:42:39 Vals impostor can't plant flags. 00:46:17 Pol landing 00:51:59 Transfer to return ship at Tylo 00:54:57 Back at Kerbin. The weirdest bug I encountered was a mysterious explosion during ascent from Tylo. When I checked the mission log it said Val had crashed into Tylo... but someone was still sitting in the command chair. Maybe an evil twin? After that, the computer froze for a couple of seconds and I thought I'd have to reload but... then it suddenly started moving again. Val (or whoever it was) was alive and I could continue. I also encountered bugs when switching to crafts with a command chair. Sometimes I would not get any control and had to switch to the tracking station and back to get control. Also, at some planetary intercepts, the trajectory line was all messed. It was buggier than I remember. I hope this is not a trend. And that's it! Eight missions and I'm done with the challenge. I mean... this Dres thing is just one of those jokes, right? Like the Kraken. It doesn't really exist, does it?
  15. Well done! I liked how you used a protractor taped to the screen. I used a paper which was just transparent enough to see through (although version 2 had holes in it). My only objection is that the Eve-Gilly craft looks way too nice for a caveman! (I really should try lawn assembly some day...) You may rest now