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  1. Here are my contributions: 2xFOXTROT Launches https://imgur.com/a/NfgvDOH VICTOR KILO LIMA Setup https://imgur.com/a/btKYyBe LIMA - Laythe Landing and Rescue Screenshots https://imgur.com/a/uZsrkKi Video https://youtu.be/DV9TxOlBg2o
  2. Yes, but the fairing was longer back then. I don't know when it changed but it is much shorter now. Jeb had plenty of space back then. Worst worst case we send a rescue craft to Jool. With a bit of rule bending it might not be completely illegal since Jool 5 allows for one refuelling mission. There is/was an extra docking port on KILO so all we need is a tiny little ladder somewhere on the refuelling craft... Ladders are of course fuel since they "fuel" the ladder drives. Let's hope it doesn't get to that though.
  3. I tried to deploy the fairing but it didn't help. It seems it is the decoupler that is too close to the ladder. I have no idea what will happen once this enters the atmosphere but maybe Jeb can grab the ladder for those few hot seconds during reentry. I guess the good news is that this is another worlds first. I very much doubt anyone has ever tried to push a Kerbal from Jool to Kerbin...
  4. Quicksave/reload will fix that Jeb also has plenty of RCS fuel left so the catch and release maneuvers won't be too annoying. Since there's 4200 m/s left you also have a lot of options for hitting Kerbin and could perhaps even eyeball it. If not, I'd recommend the miss-and-hit method, where you don't even try to hit the first time, measure the time diff between when Kerbin passes Pe and when you pass Pe, then adjust your orbit to match Kerbins +- the time difference. It only requires a calcuation of the orbital period so it is doable in a spreadsheet. If no one else wants to, I don't mind but it is the last chance to take an active part in this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.
  5. That was so Kerbal I had to try it myself. I used RAPIERS instead for the higher max thrust at a higher mach. I was shot out into space without even using the closed cycle mode and had about 5200m/s in orbit. I emptied all the oxygen from the tank and gradually lowered the ascent trajectory to make the most out of the engines and... The TWR is nothing special at first. But... If you stay low enough, the engines suddenly kick in and give a huge boost. Thats about 7g or so! It doesn't last for very long since the altitude gets too high and the oxygen drops. It is pretty close to burning up but it keeps on accelerating up to about 20km and I think it stopped at about 1700 m/s. I'm in orbit with 7531 m/s left! Eve is still out of the question though...
  6. Sorry for the delay. I haven't been getting the email notifications lately but @ManEatingApe was kind enough to remind me. LIMA is officially done! It worked well the first time so there was no reason to redo it. The ascent was poor, I would have liked a much steeper ascent profile to get out of the atmosphere quicker but it didn't cost too much. I still have about 150 dV in orbit (compared to 300 m/s during practice). The trick is to use the aerodynamic forces overlay and keep the red drag arrow from the Kerbal centred on the craft. Whenever Jeb goes sideways, you just tilt the craft in the airstream so he goes the other way instead. That way you can keep him centred without switching back and forth between Jeb and the craft. I decided to do a powered landing with VICTOR just for fun and almost managed to land intact. I blew the fuel tanks but Jeb is much tougher than fuel tank! There are screenshots here https://imgur.com/a/uZsrkKi here and a video below. I'll submit a PR in a few minutes. Who is next?
  7. I thought I'd just give Eeloo a quick shot and see how far I could go with my 4800 dV. It turned into hours of interplanetary pinball but in the end I made it to Eeloo and back home. Going to Eeloo wasn't so hard but going home was since I had not really planned the trip. I just wanted to see how far I could get. After landing on Eeloo and going up into orbit again, I had 370 dV left. I spent 300 on a Jool intercept and then used the remaining 70 dV for a lot of time consuming pinball maneuvers. It took more real world hours than I care to admit but I finally made it back to Kerbin. This is what I like about the KSP forum. You think you've seen it all but then someone comes up with a new fun and entertaining challenge that just makes you push the limits a little bit more. Well done @Pds314 !
  8. Yes, I haven't checked the calculations but the VAB tells me I get 2182 m/s in the LFO stage (starting with only 14080 Ox) and 5980 m/s in the nuke stage. With the same setup and a single Wolfhound I get 7566 m/s from a full tank. Of course, a single Wolfhound won't be able to lift the rocket so that is a very very best case estimate. I don't know but I did Since it was OK to start with a non-full tank I assumed it was allowed. I don't mind if it isn't though so @Pds314 can decide how he wants the challenge. I also tried a space-plane but with only Kerbalian success. But, I will try again! Next time with propellers.
  9. Great minds think alike . The same rocket but without rotors had 4340 dV left when in orbit. But, I paid good money for that expansion pack so lets (ab)use it! This one got to almost 5000m with rotors and had 4803 dV in orbit (there are 5 nukes in the bottom fairing). I think I've reached almost 10km with rotors before but that might take a lot more tinkering. I still haven't really figured out how to adjust rotor angles and such... I could probably visit many of the small moons with this but I haven't decided what to actually do yet.
  10. Great! Yes, leaving him in orbit might be a good idea. I'm not terribly picky about the landing spot as long as it is in water but it might be safer to save the game before landing just in case some unexpected issues show up (lika a really tall mountain). It is very hard to turn with the craft since the Kerbal slides left or right on the ladder depending on which way you tilt the craft (that's how I keep him centered).
  11. I can do both VICTOR and LIMA if no one else wants to do VICTOR. But, there are not that many missions left so if anyone else wants to take part, now is the time.
  12. In the water is also fine. Being close to land is just a bonus for better screenshots
  13. VICTOR, KILO and LIMA are in orbit(s). KILO is in a high elliptic orbit above Laythe and LIMA is in a 60x60 km orbit. I left VICTOR in a 42x1100km elliptic Vall orbit just in case. I used MIKEs remaining fuel to intercept and (almost) achieve orbit so VICTOR is almost fully loaded and can be used for some emergencies. Both the Laythe and Vall encounters were too much spot on and I had to burn quite a bit not to crash. All probe cores have been turned off and the solar panels are facing the sun. Full album here. https://imgur.com/a/btKYyBe EDIT: I'm not sure why but a lot of "old" commits show up when I create the pull request... It looks messy but I hope it works.
  14. I can also sign up for 15 and 16, putting VICTOR and KILO+LIMA into Vall and Laythe orbits (unless someone else wants to). That should be fairly quick and easy. I used to dislike atmospheres but then I tried landing on Tylo... Atmospheres are great
  15. Wow! 2000 hours into the game and I can still learn new stuff Thanks!