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  1. Hi everyone. I installed Scatterer recently and I'm having a minor issue with eclipses; when an eclipse happens, the shadow of the planetary body does not show up on the planet it is eclipsing. The atmosphere of Kerbin also does not darken during a total lunar eclipse. Is there a config setting I need to change to enable this? Thanks! EDIT: Just found the button that enables it in the Scatterer menu. Don't know how I missed that.
  2. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Laythe/Jool relay satellite - how many antennas do I need?

    That's a really good idea. I'll do that.
  3. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Laythe/Jool relay satellite - how many antennas do I need?

    I should have the default Range and DSN modifiers. (I'm in a Normal difficulty Career save) Require Signal for Control is not on, although I might want to turn it on in the future. I do not have any relay sats around Kerbin though; I haven't really needed them because I have extra ground stations turned on. My Tracking Station is level 3. Great thanks! My Tracking Station is level 3, so I'll give one antenna a go then.
  4. I'm going to build a geostationary satellite array above Laythe, but I'm not sure how many 100G antennas each RelaySat should have. Would one work?
  5. How helpful is dual channel RAM for KSP? (E.g. 2x8GB dual channel, versus 2x8GB single channel)
  6. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Just built a PC. Having RAM overflow issues.

    Ah, that did the trick! I followed the page instructions and set padheap.cfg to 6144. The spikes are now around 4 minutes apart! Thank you so much for the help!
  7. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Just built a PC. Having RAM overflow issues.

    Very good to know, thank you! Yes, I have messed around with it a bit. I recorded some video of the lag spikes in action with MemGraph showing if it helps at all. I noticed in the video that the current RAM usage (according to MemGraph) steadily increases. I also noticed that every time the current value is about to go over the maximum value, a lag spikes occurs. The current value then drops by around 20MB, and the cycle repeats.
  8. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Just built a PC. Having RAM overflow issues.

    Thank you for all the tips! I followed all of your instructions, and I also tried to fix the "zero length" file problem. (Not sure if I did though) Here's my latest output_log. Very good to know thanks. Do you think the memory issues stem from the hardware, the OS, or KSP?
  9. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Just built a PC. Having RAM overflow issues.

    Sorry for the late reply. Here's the output_log.txt file. I loaded a fairly large base to increase the stuttering, and it seemed to work. (Only 2-3 seconds between the lag spikes) I also changed my version from 1.4.3 to 1.4.5 and updated a few mods. I know I still have some outdated mods, but seeing as the problem also persists in unmodded KSP I don't believe the mods are the crux of the issue. (The mods do make the time between lag spikes much shorter though.)
  10. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Just built a PC. Having RAM overflow issues.

    I'm not really sure where to find the complete log sorry. I followed the instructions in this thread and that's the only one I could find under the name output_log. Here's my system specs: CPU: Core i5-8600k GPU: GTX 1050 2GB 16GB of RAM (2400MHz, Corsair Vengeance LPX) If it helps at all I have discovered a few more things about the lag spikes. I put them at the bottom of the original post.
  11. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Just built a PC. Having RAM overflow issues.

    I'm booting from KSP_x64.exe, so it should be 64 bit. Here's my output_log file:
  12. Just a few days ago I finished a PC build, and I'm now getting constant lag spikes in KSP; at even intervals, the game freezes for around half a second. After doing some investigating (and downloading MemGraph), I have figured out that the cause of the problem is RAM. For whatever reason, KSP won't use above 1.2GB of RAM, even though I have 16GB available: (The big drop in RAM usage is from when I was on the menu screen of the game. When I stay on this craft for long enough the entire graph is green, with no drops.) Basically what ends up happening is the RAM usage slowly builds up until it reaches the limit. Once the RAM reaches the limit it causes a lag spike, and then drops by around 30MB. The cycle then repeats. What can I do about this? I do have 16GB of RAM available, and I'm in 64bit Windows 10, so I'm not really sure why this is happening. Is there a way to allocate more RAM? (Windows-side or KSP-side) Thanks! EDITS: It turns out my game can use more than 1.2GB of RAM. Sometimes it will set the max to 1.3GB, or even 1.5GB. The lag spike cycle still takes place though, it just takes a little longer. Just tested an unmodded version of 64 bit KSP (with MemGraph) and the lag spikes still exist. It does take a lot longer though. The longer I stay in the game, the more RAM gets allocated. After around 1-2 hours of playing I have 5GB, even though when I first boot up the game I have 1GB. After viewing Task Manager, I've noticed that my GPU usage spikes right after a lag spike. It tends to go up by around 20%, although every once in a while it will go down instead.
  13. The_8_Bit_Zombie

    Does KSP have a time limit?

    Basically, is there a point in the game after X years where KSP no longer functions as normal? Or does it just loop back around without messing up anything?
  14. Wow that's awesome! Thanks for the info. How many GHz do you OC at?
  15. Thanks for the advice! I think what I'm going to do is get a really good CPU now, and then upgrade my GPU down the line. (3-4 months hopefully) That way once my build is totally complete, I'll have an awesome CPU and a great GPU.