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  1. Here's one more screenshot: It's a recreation of this photograph of the SpaceX Crew Dragon, taken by Anne McClain from the ISS back in March.
  2. I've been trying to design another Eve ascent vehicle, this time using the Breaking Ground rotors to generate lift instead of just spinning the entire craft. I've gotten close to reaching LEO with a few designs, but nothing super successful as of yet. This is my current best design. The prop lifts the rocket up to around 22km above Eve, but unfortunately it still can't make it to LEO at that altitude. I either need more powerful propellers, or a more efficient rocket.
  3. Here are some of mine. You can use my forum name for credit. Flying over Laythe: Solar eclipse on Ike: View from low Laythe orbit: Laythe and Jool: And last, but certainly not least, Jeb:
  4. I also happened to complete an Eve ascent today, using a craft I call it the Whirligig. You can't tell in the above image but it's spinning quite rapidly. It essentially acts like a giant propeller, carrying the kerbals high in the Eve atmosphere so it's much easier to get to orbit. It has a 13t rocket attached that can carry 3 kerbals to LEO. The whole craft weighs only 31t, so it's fairly easy to transport to Eve. Over the course of 45-55 minutes it makes it way to 36km above Eve: From there I detach the rocket and make my way into LEO: Made it into LEO with 700m/s of Delta-V to spare: Note that this craft is using the old Sparks though, as I launched it before they were nerfed. The next iteration will have much less Delta-V to spare, due to the nerfing of the Sparks. It should still be able to reach LEO though.
  5. That's a good question. The bug only starts getting bad after KSP v1.4.5, so I don't believe so. (CommNet was added in 1.2.)
  6. Is there any chance that Bug #21234 will be fixed? (Or another bug with similar effects)
  7. I was joking about Dres. Congrats on the 200th post!
  8. I'm working on a spacecraft nicknamed K.R.A.T.O.S. (Kerbal Remote Autonomous Transportation of Oversized Spacecraft) It has 13,800m/s of Delta-V without a payload, and 5,000m/s of Delta-V with a 200t payload: The reason why I designed this spacecraft is because I want to launch a very heavy base to Laythe (170t) and I'm too lazy to do it in pieces lol.
  9. EDIT: I've been trying to figure it out and I think it might be Scatterer. I looked through all the output logs I had saved for the crashes, and almost of them have this line just before the crash: "[Scatterer] AtmosphereProjector destructor called". I uninstalled Scatterer and since then I haven't had a crash, although I've only been playing for ~50 minutes. Hey everyone. I recently updated my 1.5.1 modded install to 1.7.1 and since then KSP has been crashing frequently, around every 20-30 minutes. Crashes tend to occur when I'm doing one of the following: Saving and exiting to the main menu (this causes the most crashes) Quitting the game (it crashes before KSP closes normally) Loading a quicksave Reverting to VAB/SPH Launching a craft from the VAB/SPH KSP will also occasionally just randomly crash when I'm not doing any of the above things. I've noticed that completely random crashes generally happen only when I've barely done any of the above things. (E.g. I've been on the same craft for the last ~30 minutes without quicksaving, going to the VAB, quitting the game, etc.) Random crashes also take longer to occur; around 40-50 minutes. I have a few mods that are meant for older versions of KSP, but as far as I know they're pretty much all only one version behind. (KSP 1.6.x) I'm assuming a mod is causing these crashes, but it would take an incredibly long time to narrow it down as the crashes only occur every half hour or so, and I have 23 mods. Here's my computer information: Windows 10 (up to date) 32GB of RAM I5-8600k GTX 1050 2GB Here's my KSP information: Running on the 64 bit version (KSP_x64.exe) 23 mods installed (Here's a photo of all of them. All installed mods are up to date, although some are behind in KSP versions.) Here's the download to both the output.log and the error.log. Thank you for your time!
  10. Has anyone found any rocks on Gilly? (The ones you can pick up and bring home.) I searched around but couldn't find any, although I did find some other surface features.
  11. That's a really good idea. I have no modding experience but I'm thinking of learning how to mod so I can make some changes to how the B.G. rocks work. Would you mind if I used your idea, if I did eventually make the mod?
  12. I would love a performance update. KSP could really use it IMO. I encounter constant memory leaks and really long "craft -> launchpad" loading times, even in the stock game.
  13. The new ability in Breaking Ground to pick up extraterrestrial rocks and bring them back to Kerbin is awesome, but it lacks some tangibility in my opinion. Once you pick up the rock, it is no longer physically anywhere; it just becomes a science report. That is why I have made this suggestion: Near the Astronaut Complex there would be 15 small glass displays on pedestals; one display for every planet & moon with a surface. When you first start a save all the displays are empty, but every time a rock from a planet/moon is recovered on Kerbin, a small piece of the recovered rock is put in the case. For example, say you just came back from a Moho mission and you brought back a Moho rock. A small piece of the Moho rock is now on display in the "Moho" display case. (I figured that only a small portion of the rock should be displayed, as scientists would need access to the rest of the rock for studying.) The cases would be around the height of a kerbal, and they would look something like this: (although they'd have a more "KSP" look to them, as well as a plaque stating which planet/moon the rock is from) The rocks would be mounted to the case similarly to how this Moon rock is mounted, on two poles: I kinda feel like there should be a reward for collecting all 15 rocks, but I'm not sure what it would be or if it's even necessary. Perhaps the reward could be unlocking a new spacesuit color, one that can't be unlocked any other way. Constructive criticism and feedback are welcome of course!