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  1. Explored Mission Builder, encounter crazy bugs like KSC running away which forbids camera focus switch to another craft. Hovewer managed to complete first part of my mission idea (recover mk1-3 capsule with plane and get it back to KSC). Although i miss some features like detecting cargo bay opening for triggers. Maybe i'll create modded version with ground vehicles and interactions like refueling.
  2. Edit: found out that this problem is caused by scatterer and been already reported. Sorry for bothering you. Hi, i'm experiencing visual bug, screenshots attached in spoiler. For some reason sun flare as well as atmosphere effect don't attach to camera movement and "fixed" upside down. Tried to reinstall manually as well as via SKAN and have the same result. GameData screenshoot Output.log https://www.dropbox.com/s/qe5g8rj35wtn2yi/output_log.txt?dl=0
  3. Tested plane + modular recovery vehicle for my mission idea. Love new wheels, fits cargo ramp perfectly.
  4. Sorry if it's inappropriate topic to ask, but for some reason i can't see the new DLC subforum if i'm not logged in. And if a follow a link a got Error code: 2F176/1. Is this intentional or a bug? I'm using windows 10 and Google Chrome.
  5. Fantastic mod with little impact on performance. I'm using i5-7200u with 4 g ram, hd graphics 620 and have stable 30+ fps with Anti Aliasing quality 5 and pretty much all other options on. Managed to set up skybox dimming so that it would appear if nothing bright like sun or planet is visible. However documentation would be nice to have as well as some guide to set up ksp-like enviroment in unity so that you can see clearly how parameters affects image ingame.