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  1. I extracted the GameData of CTT (along with other mods) and most of the problems were solved. However, on some occasions (Near Future Construction) the nodes (Orbital Megastructures, Orbital Assembly, etc.) still contain nothing. Additionally, I'm having problems with KSP Interstellar. It says I downloaded it incorrectly, and I tried to find the GameData Folder within the mod files, but couldn't find anything. https://imgur.com/8xTstJA <-- Pic of the Interstellar Mod Files (I renamed the file itself, it was originally GameData-7. Note that there is no folder called "GameData.")
  2. Well, so far, I've only downloaded the Near Future set of mods, along with SpaceY, MRS, Lithobrake, and Cyrogenic Engines. However, when I open the game, all of the downloaded mods are not in their respective tech nodes. Additionally, some tech lines intersect with each other. Also, when I download the above mod, it hides the entire added Tech Tree Nodes altogether. https://imgur.com/gallery/3FTlspe <--- This is the link to the screenshots.
  3. I really appreciate this mod, but when I use it most of the time, there would be empty tech nodes, even when I have installed the proper mods for them. Help?
  4. Is that on the Mac? I can't seem to find it anywhere...
  5. Hello, I was wondering if infinite fuel/propellant (among other cheats) is still available in 1.3? I know how to get access to the debug menu, its just that I can't seem to see the infinite fuel and any other cheat anywhere (except some dev language I can't understand)
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