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  1. AlexO

    Science or Cool

    Do you mean, the "national" bit is a better one?
  2. AlexO

    Science or Cool

    I see I'm a fan of the ISS, you're not. Maybe my last argument can convince you: The ISS is a prestige project of mankind, if we ever encounter highly developed aliens like klingons, romulans, yautja, vogons, daleks or even kerbals. So that they don't laugh at us too much. Perhaps we should install some laser cannons first.
  3. AlexO

    Science or Cool

    And in practical terms, the ISS is the largest (and admittedly most expensive) laboratory in a weightless environment in the world. And it is the only laboratory where permanent experiments can be carried out in weightlessness. Recently I saw a documentary on TV in which light and high-strength metal alloys based on experiments from the ISS were presented. These are already being used in cars today, for example, so that the brakes can bring the sports ball fan to a standstill quickly enough at the window of the drive through, even with more horsepower. Also in medicine there are some applications, which could hardly be explored otherwise. A good page to explain some practical applications for ISS experiments is the German Wiki page The english wiki page is unfortunately only a list of the experiments, so send it through a translator like or similar.
  4. Uups, sorry. I've red nearly all posts before this last one... Indeed the warning magically disappeared after the second restart of KSP by itself.
  5. Hi, I get a warning with installed KIS: [WRN 18:45:21.820] [ModuleManager] 1 warning related to GameData/CrewLight/MMPatch/KISWhiteList.cfg
  6. AlexO

    [1.4.4] Solar Science [v1.1.0] [August 3, 2018]

    It sounds like an interesting mod but in kottabos video except of some funny messages he gets no science in his video. Can I get sciencepoints from your experiments?
  7. AlexO

    Science or Cool

    Without reading all contributions in this thread, duplications may occur. To reach the space is, I think, a task where people from different nations and cultures have to work together to reach it. Apart from sport (Olympia), open source software and cooking & eating meals, it may be one of the few things that bring interested people from all cultures together and move us forward together. Especially in the face of today's world, which is increasingly torn and seems to revert to old national ideas. The real value of such missions is certainly not only to be found in the practical area, not even the Teflon frying pan has actually been created in space. In my opinion, the real value lies in the experience of the common togetherness of mankind. With the goal of developing these together. And I think that's worth the financial investment! btw: @Kerbal7:Your avatar is with a CCCP-helmet. so whats on?
  8. Today: Geminids (Mother Sun covers smiling child Earth from the Geminids) btw: More information about Google Doodles: All Google Doodles:
  9. AlexO

    Did you Soyuz 11 :-(

    Tragic history, that was still a topic for us in the GDR even in the 80s. Especially since the cosmonauts could probably have easily covered the leak with a finger if they had discovered it. It felt like "our" Apollo 1. btw: "Salyut 7" is a russian film about the Soviet space program which shows a comparable near catastrophe, but which was successfully solved similar to Apollo 13. For me even in comparison to the film with Tom Hanks the slightly better one. Several cool shots.
  10. AlexO

    Voyager 2 enters interstellar space

    NASA made real cool posters about that:
  11. AlexO

    Universal Storage II [1.3.1 and 1.4.5 - 1.6.0]

    Oh thank you I've overlooked that. I'll check this out. Edit: Nope, sorry. Same problem with No entry in context menu of EVA-X.
  12. AlexO

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.8

    I'm not at home right now. I'll test that in the afternoon and tell you.
  13. AlexO

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.8

    @theJesuit: Thanks for reply. Nope, no kOS here.
  14. AlexO

    [1.6.x, and prior] SIMPLEX TechTree 1.8

    1.5.1 crashes after a while without entry in the log. Reproducable by Adding/Deleting SIMPLEX. The only one I see is [WRN 22:49:30.213] [RDTechTree]: No tech node found called Unresearcheable
  15. Same under KSP 1.5.1 What is the status?