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  1. MPDerksen

    Stranded short on fuel

    You guys are awesome. Thanks. I was planning to try the RCS (turns out it wasn’t enough, but helped), but had completely forgotten about the EVA packs. I had drained them getting the stranded Kerbal to my lander (I was 3K away!!!). turns out, when she got onboard it refueled to the full 5.00. I had them abandon ship one at a time, near the Ap, and was able to position both in orbit with a Pe just over 20K. That’s enough, I hope. I need to reserve a little to get to the rescue ship when it arrives. From here it should all be pretty basic. I’ll make sure to do at least 1 EVA report in case I can get a last little bit of science.
  2. My lander picked up a stranded Kerbal at the pole of the Mun. They are happily playing cards in the lander that only has 500m/s of fuel left. Not enough to get into a stable orbit for docking an pick up. 1. No way to Amazon Prime them some additional fuel? 2. There are 2 of them, so should I make 2 trips and retrieve them? Or is there a configuration that I can grab them both in a single shot? 3. How do I make sure to get the science out of the lander and bring it home? It’s currently stored in the lander (retrieved from a Goo, etc. and surface samples). I don’t want to leave 300 science behind.
  3. MPDerksen

    Mun landing rocket design that was actually pretty easy! I was even able to refuel so I can make another trip down.
  4. MPDerksen

    Mun landing rocket design

    Rescue completed. Sort of. I think I put the RCS on incorrectly, and I couldn't move forward/backward with the H/N keys. So I was not able to actually DOCK. To get what I could from the mission, I just EVA'd over, and left Jeb (and all my science) in LMO. I guess I could have EVA'd the Scientist over to at least grab the data, but it was 2:00am. I'm modifying my standard Rescue craft that I've used a dozen times, with a different/better RCS layout, and I'll practice in LKO before trying to go line up with my little lander again. One question: Once I match orbits pretty close, can't I select Jeb in the lander, Target my rescue craft and turn retrograde to line up? Then switch back to the rescue craft for the final docking? (my RCS on the lander is also wonky).
  5. MPDerksen

    Mun landing rocket design

    how about this? Actually 7 Oscar-B tanks, and 1618m/s in vacuum.
  6. MPDerksen

    Mun landing rocket design

    Found it and posted the corrected values above. One reason I want to have a larger (if mostly empty) tank is my longer term plan is to leave this lander in orbit, and refuel when the rescue craft comes. Then I'll bounce down for more science. But I do still need to understand the difference between this design and SIX of the smaller tanks, as it relates to function.
  7. MPDerksen

    Mun landing rocket design

    even better. Now, lowering my fuel from the tank I have a dV of 2,150m/s but it's about the same for the Terrier and the Spark. So the Terrier uses 3x the fuel, but produces 3x the thrust? So how would I ever decide which to use? I get the feeling that something here will click in my brain, the way matching orbits did, and then I'll take another big step in my ability, but right now I just scratch my head at selecting the right parts to build with.
  8. MPDerksen

    Mun landing rocket design

    I was incorrect. I had a Terrier engine, sorry for that. I'm going to slow you down just a bit so I make sure I completely understand. When I pulled the Terrier off, and put on a Spark, my dV jumped to several thousand. In fact, I half empty the tank, and still have 2,122m/s. I'm not sure how to make it show vac values, like you say, so a little help there? I'm very unclear how you would attach 6 of the little Oscar-B tanks. I tried that below the MK2 can, in a pattern, then put the Spark, and ended up with around 1,200m/s. Enough, probably. Preferred? But why would the Spark give me SO much more dV than the Terrier? When I look at the stats, the Spark says 20kN of thrust in vac, and the Terrier is 60kN. I think that this is a fundamental part of me learning to properly build rockets. Last, what direction am I facing if I look directly out of the VAB? Is that North or East?
  9. MPDerksen

    Mun landing rocket design

    right, so then change of plans, like Jan suggests. This lander has a poodle engine under it, and a dV of 967 (according to the VAB readout). I'm trying to work backwards on the dV map. If I want to have this craft in orbit, I'll need 580 dV to get safely down, and another 580 to get back up, correct? Plus, extra since I'm new-ish... Would I add additional fuel? A different engine? From there, again looking at the map, I'll need a second stage with roughly 1,200dV to leave Kerbin orbit, and enter Mun orbit. And finally, I'll need to build a booster stage with 3,400 to get off the ground into orbit. I'm thinking of this correct, yes? This mission will end with the rescued Kerbal in the second seat, and in Mun orbit with my pilot. I have RCS on it for docking with craft #2. I know I'm reading this a bit wrong, since clearly it doesn't take 3,400 to come back down from orbit, so some explanation would be appreciated. Last, per Harry's comment, I'm not sure which direction is North when I'm in the VAB. and I'm having some trouble getting the SRB to attach to the clamps anywhere but in the middle. They seem to snap in close if I try to move them from center, and then they don't later detach. Not sure what I'm doing incorrectly. This is happening with both the short and long clamps.
  10. I have a combination of missions: 1. rescue a Kerbalnaut stranded on the backside of the Mun surface 2. gather science data from the Mun surface 3. dock 2 vessels in Mun orbit My plan is to use the design below. I'll have a pilot take the lander down, with an extra seat, pick up some science and the stranded peep, then come back into orbit and dock. However, my rocket is SO topheavy that it tips over almost immediately on liftoff. I had some fins on there, but removed them for the picture. I think I have plenty of dV for the entire mission, but can't get it to fly straight. Recommendations on a design change?
  11. 1. when a mission refers to a station (orbital or base) that "supports 5 Kerbals", does it mean total number of seats? Could be as lame as 5 lander cans docked together, right? 2. I assume you cannot dock/mate/attach parts once they are landed, so whatever I construct has to be built in Mun orbit, then descended as a single entity? Is there a tutorial on this? 3. Is it typical to build a station with a probe core and some RCS control? 4. Do we like having fuel storage in orbit, but fairly useless on a base station? (I think you can tell what stage of Career mode I'm in)
  12. MPDerksen

    Double Mun orbit rescue ship help

    mission complete, and both rescued with plenty of fuel to spare. I used a bigger main and just two SRBs. Was simple enough once I was willing to part with the original design. Appreciate the help.
  13. MPDerksen

    Double Mun orbit rescue ship help

    So all very interesting, but I remain clueless how to add more fuel full the above lander....
  14. MPDerksen

    Double Mun orbit rescue ship help

    Hmm. Based on the design above, how would I add more fuel? a few baguettes? I don't want to make it taller by putting another tank on the bottom. I've looked at dozens of picture online to get examples, and they seem much smaller, and efficient than mine already.
  15. MPDerksen

    Double Mun orbit rescue ship help

    Totally started from scratch using your (and others') advice. I also re-watched a S. Manley video on efficiently getting to orbit. The below design got Jeb down onto Minmus, and home with over 1,000dV to spare. I could use a smaller lander fuel tank for sure in the future. I ended up getting over 600 science by doing EVA over various biomes, surface sample, flag, etc. I even landed back home in the desert for a new Kerbin biome science. Jeb got his second star, and I got to unlock some fun stuff. Next big mission is to rescue a stranded Kerbal from the backside of the Mun. I'm thinking of replacing the storage box on this design with a simple lander can so she has a seat. But just a quick question about that. If I mount a thermometer on the outside of the fuel tank, and jettison it before I land, I lose the science, right? Unless I transmit, I have to actually return the instrument to get the points? Last, since I'm likely to use far more fuel than I should to land on the Mun, should I keep the design as is? or select a smaller tank?