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  1. that's helpful. Thanks again. I guess I thought reducing the time to circularize at Minmus would be helpful. But perhaps not. Even a burn of several minutes is irrelevant, provided I have the fuel for it.
  2. Sorry. First stage: if I add a few more SRBs, my TWR goes from 1.27 to 1.65. Helps me overcome initial gravity losses? I did some other reading that 1.35 is a sweet spot for some? Dialing back a few for longer burn is a trick I hadn't thought of. For the upper stage, assuming I had enough fuel, and that those engines would engage in vacuum, I was thinking I could put a few MK-55 Thud engines around it to help with the TWR for creating my orbit, and for the circulation at Minmus. The part where I might have lost you is what I've seen Matt Lowne do in a few videos. He specifically releases parts on a collision course, then corrects. That way, junk isn't left in orbit. I was thinking that I could put the MK-55s on decouplers, and remove them once nearly in orbit, to keep the design clean. But now I'm just being silly and making a mess of the mission, so let's ignore all that.
  3. super helpful! Thanks again. I didn't realize/check my TWR when I added the extra weight of the Lab. Addressing just that part, and assuming I'll be engaging in vacuum, or nearly so, can I simply put a few engines on the side of that stage? I also need to circularize at Minmus, so I need to keep that in mind too. Plan B: move from 4 SRBs to 6. Add some side engines (can't recall what they are called) to the upper stage. Nearly circularize at Minmus, but drop the extra engines into the surface, THEN raise the Pe to a solid 30-40K. Reasonable?
  4. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2523344988 I used a Lab, instead of the extra Hitchhiker. And now we have a real teaching moment. The Station is 65 tons. I could NOT get this thing into orbit. First, my SRBs must be slightly off, since I get rotation at liftoff. Second, as soon as I dumped them, I started flipping (thus the addition of fins). Finally, I didn't have enough dV to actually even get to 80K, even though I have done it with other craft hundreds of times, so I'm not a rookie. I typically just use trial/error (highlighting the "error" portion) instead of actually understanding what I'm building. So I look for about 3,400 dV for orbit, and call it good. What I've built is woefully below that, but I look at ISP=207 and TWR=1.27. That SHOULD mean something to me, but doesn't. And if I wanted to add "Moar Boosters" to the bottom, I would be randomly throwing parts on the craft, instead of intelligently planning it. A little education here would be appreciated. In previous playthroughs, I've done multiple landings on Duna/Eve etc. but this time my goals was to better understand my designs.
  5. I was baffled by the usefulness of the fuel without oxidizer. I had completely forgotten about the NERV engine. And Minmus is a pretty reasonable spot to refuel. So yeah, we'll get the science to put a standard docking port on the next mission, then do this one. I never really did much mining before, so perhaps on this play-through it would be a good thing to approach.
  6. Why does the size of the port matter? Refueling on the surface? I admit I don't understand that, but I've been away from KSP for the last 2 years (playing Factorio and lately Valheim)
  7. That hadn’t even occurred to me. I like it! No craft file needed. I wanted a concept to pursue. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you.
  8. Sure. I’ll go do the other Minmus missions you see on the first screenshot first tonight and do the Station build tomorrow
  9. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2516184156 Great point. Sorry. Is this helpful? I have a few missions to get a rescue off Minmus South Pole, and plant some science. So if I need to unlock another node to make this more reasonable, I can do that. (probably get another 500 on the next Minmus mission(s)).
  10. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2516119796 there is the screen shot for the mission. Looks like I have to build it complete, but can bring the fuel later (hadn't thought of that). anyone wanna try building an example and posting a pic? I can build the lifter without issue. But remember I have <1/2 the tree unlocked, and no fairings or big engines.
  11. New play through for me, so only a third of the tech tree unlocked. The mission is to put a station around Minmus, single launch. Simple enough. Room for 11, cupola, all the regular stuff. But it also has to have “4,000 units of liquid fuel”. Cupola, 2 hitchhikers and a lab. Fine. But 4K of fuel too? With out the big tanks and engines? Maybe someone can help me better figure out if this is really a mistake. That seems like a LOT of tanks to strap onto the top of an early career rocket.
  12. Months later, I'm now ready to actually do this.... Doing, for me, the hardest part of the game: calculating the required dV. If I could finally really understand this part, the enjoyment of KSP would double. Using the dV map here's what I have. Kerbin --> Ike (landed) = 5330. Not sure if I was do my orbital rescue before landing, or on the way back up, but need to add some fuel for that part too. Xfer from Ike --> Duna orbit to dock and refuel, do the whole "transfer crew" thing = 960 Duna landing --> map says 1450, but we have parachutes, so.... ? Duna --> Kerbin = maybe 2200? I'm thinking a 3 stage craft. ~4,000 dv to get into 100K orbit, plus some extra. Transfer stage of ~~2,000 to get me around Ike. Then a lander that has ~2,000 and a bunch of parachutes? I can refuel before and after the trip to the Duna surface. All this sound reasonable? I'm not trying to create mega-craft, or be perfect in my fuel. I'm learning how to plan missions, and then build a craft around those plans.
  13. Probe-driven re-fuel tanker to Duna. Jeb with an extra seat goes to Ike. Does the rescue and lands to collect the Ejecta. Then they move over to Duna, refuels and lands to get the Stone and head home together? I assume I could "dock" with a grabber.
  14. A fair plan. Less fun when you land too hard on Eve, snap a landing leg and roll down a hill to sea level.... Then you have a choice of a games toughest rescue or a revert to a prior save and feel like it's cheating... Any insight into the rules for "transfer crew between vessels" contract? I assume a rescue counts since there is an EVA involved? Or just separate my main craft, and EVA Jeb from the main part to the lander? I don't want to get all the way out there to realize I need a SECOND vessel to complete it
  15. Maybe YOURS don't..... So the only reason in KSP to do it that way is just RPing?
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