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  1. Months later, I'm now ready to actually do this.... Doing, for me, the hardest part of the game: calculating the required dV. If I could finally really understand this part, the enjoyment of KSP would double. Using the dV map here's what I have. Kerbin --> Ike (landed) = 5330. Not sure if I was do my orbital rescue before landing, or on the way back up, but need to add some fuel for that part too. Xfer from Ike --> Duna orbit to dock and refuel, do the whole "transfer crew" thing = 960 Duna landing --> map says 1450, but we have parachutes, so.... ? Duna -->
  2. Probe-driven re-fuel tanker to Duna. Jeb with an extra seat goes to Ike. Does the rescue and lands to collect the Ejecta. Then they move over to Duna, refuels and lands to get the Stone and head home together? I assume I could "dock" with a grabber.
  3. A fair plan. Less fun when you land too hard on Eve, snap a landing leg and roll down a hill to sea level.... Then you have a choice of a games toughest rescue or a revert to a prior save and feel like it's cheating... Any insight into the rules for "transfer crew between vessels" contract? I assume a rescue counts since there is an EVA involved? Or just separate my main craft, and EVA Jeb from the main part to the lander? I don't want to get all the way out there to realize I need a SECOND vessel to complete it
  4. Maybe YOURS don't..... So the only reason in KSP to do it that way is just RPing?
  5. Cool, thanks. Although WHY we have to flip them round in orbit instead of just launching it put together in the first place? It's easy enough to do, just never understood the "why" part. For the dV, just add a bunch of math? I'm going to assume zero aero-capture, but do it anyway. Anything I get will be a bonus.
  6. I have a total of 4 missions, currently, and 100 days to plan before my launch window. Rescue Kerbal from Ike orbit (fairly inclined orbit, actually) Collect and return Duna Ejecta from Polar lowlands on Ike Collect and return Duna Stone from Midland canyon on Duna Transfer crew between vessels over Duna Mission Plan is currently to head straight to Ike first. Land to get the Ejecta, and do the rescue on the way back up. Then head over to Duna, land to get the stone, and NOT dock when I get back, but EVA over to fulfill the Transfer requirements (I'm honestly not
  7. oh, okay. I didn't catch that. When I landed and noticed the issue, I was troubleshooting by looking at my quicksaves to figure out the problem. I ended up never saving the point in the game where I was home. I picked up at the latest possible point, where I had placed the units and the team was up in Ike Orbit waiting for my Xfer window. While RPing, I don't back up when I make a mistake, usually. If I didn't have enough dV to land a second time and make it home, I probably would have sent a probe-based refueller. And I really only used the ALT-F12 option once, when the contract was to
  8. I saw that. My team was home when i saw the problem. My previous save (with them still around Ike), there is nothing to collect... So since I needed to wait for the Xfer window anyway, once it had 100% I landed, then got back into LIO (Low Ike Orbit ), and then went home. Collected about $1.2 million for my various contracts and didn't have to "cheat".
  9. If I were to position a Relay around Ike/Duna, then pick up and put the unit(s) back down, we're all good, right? based on your post, there is a limited amount of time they can be out of contact before they just give up. Part of the challenge, then, is to place them in a way that they will be able to connect, and have power. Actually, the current Save that has my team in Ike orbit is at a point that the science unit hasn't collected anything yet. But I don't have a relay on my return craft either.
  10. Helpful. Thanks. So, back-up to a previous Save Game and set them only once I have connectivity, or ALT+F12 and call it good?
  11. So it can be deployed on Eeloo and make it back to Kerbin w/o a Relay? (Tracking Station fully upgraded)
  12. I'd like to vote you as "most helpful poster of the week" :). so now I have 2 options. 1: drop out of orbit, and hold the units until there is CommNet connection (lame, but good practice to try landing in a specific spot, but also risky if I have enough dV for a second drop). 2: ALT+F12 and call both contracts complete. Anyone know the range of the deployable Comm Unit? I think I read in one of the Wiki pages that it's 10Gm? Should be fine from Ike pretty much all the time, right?
  13. Maybe we can pretend I never asked the question? LOL. Sorry. It was my first Eve landing attempt and I didn't do my homework before the attempt. I removed the Terrier completely, and upgraded to the inflatable heat shield. Done. The plan was to use the shield until I got low enough to ditch it, then have an engine for some control of my landing site. Overall a very poorly planned mission. Started it with my head straight and completed it without difficulty.
  14. Perhaps my question fits well in here? Level 4 Engineer deploys 2 Solar arrays, and the Comms units. Level 4 Scientist then deploys the Ion, the control unit and the Goo (in that order). This is on Ike, with no relays in the Duna area at all. We load up, get back to Kerbin, see a few notes that there is no CommNet available, but when I go to the tracking station, I see a bunch of green lines between the ground station and Kerbin. I'm getting 4 units from each Solar, but the control unit says "experiments connected 0", but the connection of the Comms unit is 0.90. All 6 modules are
  15. HEC core with a simple therm on the side and a few solar panels. Small fuel tank and terrier engine. Heat shield just below that. Pe set to just over 100k with elliptical orbit. I burn retrograde to get my Pe low enough to land. Then I dump the stage, leaving only the configuration above, coming in heat shield first. Complete explosion. My plan was to ditch the shield once below the worst of it, using the terrier and parachutes to land. Questions: 1. what is the required speed I need to reduce to in order to avoid a melt down? Or do I just need a bigger shield? 2. I'm not
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